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    Upgrade PC case ~ 7k

    Who is the reseller in Odisha? MD Computers?
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    [For Sale] Corsair PSU....SOLD

    The price is too high for almost a 10 Year old PSU.
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    Suggest Good CPU Cooler and Thermal paste for my CPU

    Or you can go with Antec A30 by spending a bit more. * *
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    UPS for Router

    Even my cousin needed one for his WFH, but no where router UPS is available. So, I have given him my CyberPower 1KVA UPS with new batteries installed. I think it should be able provide backup for atleast 3-4 hours.
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    Railwire Broadband

    In which area?
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    Laptop under ₹30k

    You can check Acer Aspire E15 (E5-576). Specs include: i5 8th Gen 4GB DDR3L RAM (will be sufficient for your needs. You can always upgrade your RAM later.) 1TB HDD FHD Display Add Acer's (2 Year) warranty extension pack for Rs.500. I had purchased his for 32k around 2 months back from flipkart.
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    krusop ransomeware

    Also completely scan your system with AdwCleaner to detect and clean any leftovers of this ransomware. Else proceed with fresh installation as @whitestar_999 suggested.
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    [Want to Buy] [BOUGHT] WiFi Range Extender with Ethernet Port

    Powerline Ethernet will work if there is direct connection between the two points/sockets. If there is any sort of branching/splitting of powerline then it won't work.
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    Review of Sharp AH-XP18MV 1.5Ton Eco-Inverter Air Conditioner

    Yes, any problem with Aluminum Condensers means replacement. It can't be repaired like Copper ones.
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    2 Ton Inverter Split AC under 50k

    Yes. Now all carrier ACs come with copper condensers only.
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    New PSU for my system

    If purchased in 2014, then you can RMA your Vengeance RAM. Corsair provides 10 Years warranty.
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    Suggestions needed for Water Purifier

    I would suggest you to checkout these 2 videos before buying and then decide. 1. 2.
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    Shoe store charges Rs 3 for bag, fined Rs 9,000

    But is there a rule/law for that? Otherwise on what basis does one approach the consumer forum for this? There must be some rule/law for this. Right?
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    Shoe store charges Rs 3 for bag, fined Rs 9,000

    So stores are supposed to provide carry bags free of charge if we purchase from them?
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    Review of Sharp AH-XP18MV 1.5Ton Eco-Inverter Air Conditioner

    Can you elaborate on the issues you are facing with aluminum condensers?
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