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    laptop hdd

    other than the previous most true solution provided. you can buy an R_III driver kit. which comprises of a power brick/adapter, sata (data and power) cables, and 2.5 or 3.5 pata interface connector so that you can use the hdd as an external usb hard drive. which comes very handy at a little cost...
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    No display in laptop..

    Mate! out of all of those very very good suggestions try hooking up to an external monitor first with the key combination to activate external Display, this will only identify to if the graphic is bad or the display or the inverter or backlit or a silly loose cable connection. you can also try...
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    Dell Vostro A840 Ram Problem

    Sorry I was not too specific about what i put inside the microwave. It was the motherboard of the laptop that i put inside the Oven. It is not recommended though but can be tried at the last resort and it worked for me. Thank you all again
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    CPU not booting but making incessant beeps.

    Perform a power drain at first and then try reseating everything including the CMOS battery. Power drain: unplug the power supply and then keep the power button pressed for 10-20 secs. reseat the cpu, ram, atx power connector and 24 pin power connector then plug in the power and try to boot...
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    Full HD TV as PC monitor not working NEED HELP!!!!!!!

    I recently got this issue and got it resolved, hope this helps. Mine is with Haier 24 in lcd tv and NVidia graphic card with HDMI connection. First the issue is only with HDMI and not with VGA connection. the text display is fuzzy the display does not fit properly to the edges of the lcd...
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    The Windows 8 Thread

    Micorsoft plans to release a new version of windows each year from now. and even they are locking ur hardwares under UEFI so, no escape but spend every year for what microsoft calls Windows and me just an OS.
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    Dell Vostro A840 Ram Problem

    Thanks everyone for your prompt replies/suggestions. The machine now works but i dont know for how long it will. All I did was put it inside the Microwave for around 45 minutes. Most probably a few BGA connection were not intact. Once again thanks everyone.
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    Are Huawei Android phones worth buying in India?

    Buddy, if the hardware is sound and the software is universally accepted why to ask. just go for it.
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    Best way to update drivers ?!!

    Buddy, laptop or desktop, branded or assembled non of them matters but the OS is the main thing. Win vista and above from microsoft, try windows update, choose "check for update ... let me choose to download and install them" then check for important and optional updates and you will find the...
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    Dell Vostro A840 Ram Problem

    Thanks dasing.sujay for understanding my problem. I mentioned that i can undergo chip level repair and that is the area where i am looking towards a resolution. thanks, the ram works fine, i tried it on a working system and works well.
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    Lacie hard disk not working in win 7

    I would want you to try the same. for Linux may be able to get he drive configured and you may probably get it back with the data's inside at compromise. wish you luck
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    Dell XPS 15:Screen Damaged and Product out of warranty;what to do now?

    SahirlAr.you finally get it replaced. may the moderator close this thread. and may the God bless you with no further such happenings costing K ss.
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    Dell Vostro A840 Ram Problem

    Cannot even boot to bios.
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    Dell Vostro A840 Ram Problem

    I contacted Dell Support and after so may testing the agent told me that the issue of blinking leds is with the RAM. Well There was/is no Blue screen, no system lock ups, restrarts or startup issues till its last successful boot. As far as applications and malwares are concern, the system does...
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    How to Format External HDD Properly?

    You must be aware that formatting erases all data in your drive. I am also not sure if formatting a hard drive regularly will keep your hard drive healthy. Connect the External HDD to any working Computer (I am referring to windows) open Computer select the partition of the External HDD...
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