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    Indian Tv shows/Live Tv streaming software

    Install leapdroid Android emulator and install jio tv app on it and enjoy jio tv on pc/laptop. Sent from my CP8298_I00 using Tapatalk
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    Jio 4G

    I would give away 99 rs to jio just for the sake of making the other operators kneel in the past six months. These greedy suckers were worst than real leech definitely needed a kick, damn was paying 250 bucks every month and still had to be afraid of finishing up of data allowance. Thank you...
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    Post your Speedtest results

    Re: Post your Speedtest results [ Beam users are not allowed :D ] Best that i could get out of Jio so far Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Result Speeds are still between 20-30 mbps on downloads most of the times but browsing feels sluggish [emoji19]
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    BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1199 to offer 2mbps Unlimited & unlimited local/std calls for Rs. 1199

    Re: BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1199 to offer 2mbps Unlimited & unlimited local/std calls for Rs. 1199 This is completely incorrect. Bsnl has per day billing, which means plan change is effective from the day its done by the exchange people or through selfcare portal online. And this is the case...
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    BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1199 to offer 2mbps Unlimited & unlimited local/std calls for Rs. 1199

    Bsnl is on roll these days, so many super plans, finally seems like ache din aa gye hain
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    Can an inverter be used to run a Desktop PC during extended hours of pwer cut?

    Inverter wont take more than a sec infact its a game of milli seconds. Yes keep the inverter on ups mode (input ac voltage should always be above ~ 180 for inverter charging in this mode). Also make sure to choose a pure sine wave inverter to avoid humming sound from fans etc and heating issues...
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    Power Bank 20k mAh for android devices in family below

    Powerxcel 13000 mAh power bank is good for ~ 1k, available on Flipkart & Snapdeal. Do checkout.
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    IEM for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Don't go for cx 380 as the production of this model was stopped in 2009 and 99.9% selling now are fake. I also have the same requirements as yours in similar budget for my indian S3, though I need to get my headphone jack replaced first. I had zeroed down on 2 models of different budgets cx180...
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    IEM for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Sennheiser CX 180
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    Suggest a budget multimedia laptop for ~25k.

    ^^1080p rip will be sharper than the comparative 720p rip on the same screen.
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    Looking for a good looking yet comfortable bike under 1.5 lakh

    If you have a history of back ache then you should be looking for cruiser bikes, more so if you intend to do long drives. Hence the avenger will be suitable for you and should be your first choice without any thoughts. The yamahs r15 is a sports bike with an agressive riding posture, which...
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    Inverter (Urgent)

    Good choice, luminous inverter & battery are great. Had 2 x 180AH luminous battery previously which lasted for 4.5 years with consistent backup till around 4 years. The inverter is still going strong 5 year onwards. Have now upgraded to 2 x 200AH batteries again from luminous.
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    2TB 2.5" internal hard drive needed for upgarding laptop storage.

    Just advising to stay away from Samsung hdd at any cost, pathetic is still less to describe their performance over the time. Prefer WD then Seagate, at any cost avoid samsung for your future peace of mind.
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    Server level internet connection choices ?

    You're looking at around 3.5 L/year for a 10mbps symmetric 1:1 leased line to give you an idea, but as said earlier it varies from place to place.
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    Sync Documents... how?

    I use Synchredible - free edition software for synchronizing files from a couple of folders to a common folder which then uploads those files online to Google Drive(configured through drive desktop app). This software has really great amount to option to tweak the synchronization as per need...
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