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    PC Game Deals

    Mark of the Ninja $3.75 Deadlight $3.75 on, but like everyother game on Amazon, it's for customers with US address only. No other restrictions, the billing address has to be valid in US. Works with Steam like a charm :)
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    PC Game Deals

    Dark Souls $16 on GMG, after using the 20% coupon. Cheapest offer on the Internet. :)
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    50 Levels IIRC but mods allow you to raise it upto 81.
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    EA Origin related problems/discussion here

    I already have most of the games on list, except Alice Madness Returns and some NFS titles. Won't bother as 3-4 "must-buy" games coming up in the next 2 month. GFWL and Uplay are the crappiest DRM in my opinion. Or atleast their compatibility with steam, where 90% of my games are. You can't...
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    My top 5 8-bit video games

    Almost all of the above and *DRUM ROLLS* Hotline Miami. This game is AWESOME, has some bugs and problems with Steam but worth every second and the $5 I paid for it ^_^
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    STEAM premium account required

    Trading isn't bad. Steam encourages it, you just have to be careful with whom you are trading. I don't play DOTA 2 or TF2, but a lot of friends do, and have successfully traded games worth $400 for Hats and unique items. It's all legit, though ain't nobody got time for that :P
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    GPU fan making weird noises.

    Could be there's dust in b/w the spoke and the fan, If it's under Warranty get it checked, if it's not then lubricate the joint b/w the fan and it's spoke. Happens a lot with my CPU cooler. It will get worse if you don't fix it.
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    PC Game Deals

    LEGO LotR is also $8 but sadly, cannot access the page. "Error 404 Page not found" can get past it using a VPN, but Indian cards don't work either -___-
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    The Witcher 3

    Re: Witcher 3 In all probability it will come out in Q4 2013. They already implied that it's near completion. Them making an announcement in Feb means, the post-production work has or will soon be started. Let's see if they still go-ahead with their NO-DRM policy, as I have read rumors that if...
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    Re: Steam related discussions DOTA 2 mentions specially that it can't be redeemed in China, so it won't work.As for FNV, it was available for $7 on GMG and $5 on GG last week. wait for another such sale and then get it. I REPEAT : Fallout games just cannot be bought via Steam stores in...
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    Re: Steam related discussions Yup, they will ban you, it's mentioned in their ToS that using proxies and VPNs to get Steam content will result in Violation of Steam Subscriber Agreement. The trusted method is to ask a friend who lives there gift you the game, or you can trade on one of those...
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    ArmA 3

    The question is when will it release? I have been reading about it for close to a year now :/ and also where is DayZ stand-alone version? it was supposed to be released on Christmas 2012
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    PC Game Deals

    Nopes, I only got a limited number for me and some friends. :(
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    PC Game Deals

    Thankfully, I bought some before the deal ended..If I knew, it was for few minutes only, could have got more :/
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    PC Game Deals

    I was gonna post that about SD..that's a huge DEAL. Update : Looks like they are really doing a GG here. it's back at $16.99
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