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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    I have travelmate 4020 Thanks very much for your help :) I'll try it out today
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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    The BIOS doesn't have such a setting(Oddly, it can boot through a USB external DVD drive, but not from a USB pen drive). Should I try updating the BIOS? I tried using Unetbootin. I followed the procedure mentioned on the website. It did everything but didn't add a boot entry to the...
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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    Thanks.. Does it boot through a USB Flash drive? I don't think my laptop could do that. I have booted from a external dvd writer that was connected through USB, but I tried the same using a pen drive, the laptop just hung, it didn't boot at all. Is there any fix for that?
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    Which is the best linux?

    Linux mint 8. However if you want to install inside windows(using Wubi or Mint4win), linux mint 8 is not supported. If you are dual booting, mint 8 is the way to go
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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    Hi, I have an old Acer travelmate laptop on which I intend to install Ubuntu or Linux mint. I downloaded the iso, burnt them to a cd and tried installing them. I can boot from the live cd without any problems. I can start the install process without any problems. However, when the process...
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    photon on ubuntu

    If you are using Ubuntu 9.04 or above, modprobe won't work. These are the steps I follow: 1. Install wvdial 2. Enter the command 'sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf' 3. Open /etc/wvdial.conf using root privileges and enter the Phone Number(#777), username(internet), password(internet). Add a...
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    Linux is a doomed operating system; here's how you can save it

    I can't believe you. You say you mess around with CLI. chmod and chown are your friends... BTW, your post is too damn funny . . .:smile:
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    Need help setting up home network

    Hey, If you have only two PC's and are not planning on adding more later, you can connect them directly. Why do you need a router? To share files, have you enabled file sharing on each PC?
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    BXR 1221 - Altec Lansing

    I don't know about kolkata. I bought it in SP road, Bangalore for 1K. Although the quality isn't top notch, its good VFM if you are looking for a entry level 2.1 speakers
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    password protect folder on portable hdd

    Truecrypt is the most secure. You can create an encrypted file container(Basically another volume/drive which is encrypted and appears as a single file). You can store anything there. I don't think there is any software which unlocks folders after you double click it and enter the password
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    Build My Rig...

    Intel's Core i7-980X Extreme processor - The Tech Report - Page 1 This is a comprehensive review of most of the processors in the market today. It may help you choose a suitable processor(On the other hand, it may be confusing)
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    needed laptop drivers for sony viao

    Why don't you try the Sony support website as suggested in the above reply before asking here?
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    windows formatting help...

    Does the laptop boot from USB pendrives? Many laptops, especially older ones don't. You can try an external DVD drive. It'll work. Mine does not boot from a pen drive, but boots from a external drive connected via USB.
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    Software for Internet trffic monitoring on my Pc

    I use a free software called Networx. It is very comprehensive .
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    Buying advice on External HDD 1TB

    WD MyBook 1TB. 3 year warranty. I got it from SP Road for 5K. Don't go for an external casing, as it tends to be unreliable. I've had one of my HDD's spoiled that way :-(. An external HDD is properly integrated with its casing unlike the one with an internal HDD and a casing.
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