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    Official Android discussion thread

    Tried both.Couldn't find it.
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    Official Android discussion thread

    Does anyone know this icon represents in status bar,it is displayed instead of battery icon.
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    Sony Xperia 2012 owners discussion

    Xperia Sola: Battery:3 hrs-4hrs constant heavy usage.More than a day if normal usage. Camera:Not bad. Floating touch is useless until there is more apps which will use that feature,now only stock browser and cosmic wallpaper use that. Back speaker in at the worst position.When you hold...
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    Digit Engineers Thread

    Name : Neelothpala Chaitanya College : PESITM Branch : Electronics and Communications Year : III Year
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    help needed in sony xperia sola root

    Please read the tutorial link posted by randomuser111 and get bootloader unlocked. Then read CWM link that I posted and flash the phone with kernel. After you flash it your phone will be rooted and CWM installed.
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    help needed in sony xperia sola root

    Plus point is Recovery option. There no Custom ICS or Jellybean ROMs available for Sola. Only one GB Custom Rom is available i.e SSpeed ROM. Read this,it will help you out. [FAQ] Rooting, Custom Recovery, Custom Rom and Android Glossary
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    help needed in sony xperia sola root

    Its easy.Dont worry. I rooted my Sola yesterday.Instead of "Advanced Stock Kernel" you could use ClockworkMod Recovery Kernel
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    LIMBO Review

    Nice review.. Play it,it's awesome.
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    BrainF*** Movies

    Watched the movie just now.Definitely not BrainF**k movie.
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    Post your latest Purchase

    20k for Sola and 550 for Headphone..
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Purchased a Xperia Sola 2 weeks ago :-) and also bought another Sony MDR J10 as old one died.
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    Suggestion for a USB Hub..

    I am looking to buy a USB Hub preferably with 7 port and AC powered or 4 port without AC powered.. Some time ago I bought a cheap one with 4 ports.But I could use only 2 out 4 ports at a time.:| I want all ports to work at a time.
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    Books/Novels Discussion Thread V1: Literary Gems

    Anyone read 'A Name of the Wind' and 'A Wise Man's Fear' books by Patrick Roufuss?Its superb,I liked it very much.Any suggestions similar to those?
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    Should I buy SGS II?

    SGS II is available for 24k. with manufacturer warranty.Should I buy it or wait for maybe One S? I wanted to buy Xperia S but out of my budget.My max. budget is 25k. Here is my preferred spes: 4+" screen Dual Core Processor 8+ MP Camera. Thank you.
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    Mobiles you have owned

    11 months old..
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