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    Where to buy rigs.(Lucknow)

    frankly I don't know and I doubt if any good Indian site offers CoD.
  2. logicsync

    vbscript query

    this should completely help you out: Text File Scripting using VB and VBScript :wink:
  3. logicsync

    My PC automatically Freeezes after boot[Help Plz]

    see this as well : A computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 stops responding randomly
  4. logicsync

    Buying advice for Good internal HDD

    For the love of god(and I an atheist :) ) please do not buy a "Green" drive. They are just fashion tags and are bad performers. They don't save any substantial Power either. You can easily get 1TB Seagate or WD for about Rs 2500.
  5. logicsync

    looking for pc mouse...

    U may buy directly from microsoft. they make some of the best mice in the industry: Mice
  6. logicsync

    leds vs lcds

    Desktop monitors are matte. Lappys are made glossy because they use inferior Displays to cut down on costs. Making laptops glossy makes more light bounce off the screen and that makes colours look brighter. I have an ASUS VW192T (19 inch) bought nearly 3 years ago and has awesome display...
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    Suggestion for the best value laptop.

    Don't even think of a netbook if you are going to run Visual studio,eclipse, etc. If you are too tight on budget I would recommend: Dual Core 2.3 Ghz (below 22000) Core2 Duo 2.2 Ghz (Below 25000) Since you are on a low budget, I can recommend you MSI. They are selling really cheap and are...
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    i7 Laptop Deal

    I am not sure if posting links like this is counted spam here. Mods may kindly delete this post and let me know if any concerns. (This is not my site and I am not an affiliate). Anyways, I found this great i7 Lappy deal on this site. If anyone has a USA buddy coming home he/she may order this...
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    Where to buy rigs.(Lucknow)

    I can understand your problem. Getting premuim parts could be pain in cities like lucknow because general public is not so demanding there. You may order off eBay but that will increase your costs by about 10 - 20 %. Ebay items are bit overpriced compared to Gray markey and will also include...
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