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    Note 2 Slow Charging

    Had the same problem and found out it was the cable. Also bought this - Spare Battery Charger With Dock and Desk Stand Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 | eBay Not from the site but offline. Nokia USB cable are far more better than Samsung, so better go the Nokia one's if you plan on buying a new...
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    Confuse over BSNL FRC

    Got a new sim yesterday and all that is left for me to do now is recharge with an FRC. Since it's a USIM, was confused over which FRC to go for. AFAIK in BSNL you recharge a 3G sim with 2G plan then the sim automatically becomes 2G, that is what i've been told. Two FRC variant existing under 3G...
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    Lock Cut function on USB devices?

    The other day, a friend of mine took few movies from my external hard disk. What happened was he Cut - Paste them. He's gone on a trip so can't even do a thing but curse him and be pissed. It made me wonder if there is a way to disable the CUT function on such devices. If yes, please help me...
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    HELP!!!! Note 2 won't connect to WiFi

    The firmware is hosted on Hotfile which sucks on a major scale. For such a huge file wish someone would upload it on torrent sites, though i did find one the size mismatch caused me to not download it. For the Wifi connection problem another workaround i found - While turning the Wifi on, dial...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Discussion Thread

    The S Pen seems too rough on most screen guard i've ever used. It's like cat claws! Scares me to even use it without a screen guard! So it'd be nice if someone would suggest me a good screen guard that can be found on Flipkart or Ebay, one that is S Pen friendly. Best apps to i : Astro File...
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    HELP!!!! Note 2 won't connect to WiFi

    Yep updated via OTA and the problem sprang up. Though i blamed the TP Link Modem/Router, it isn't at fault afterall. It sucks to do this everytime but my workaround this problem - Run FXR Wifi Fix And Rescue (Available at PlayStore) everytime i want to connect to wifi then restart the phone. I...
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    HELP!!!! Note 2 won't connect to WiFi

    Thanks and i have tried the above but the problem persist. Tried connecting the device with a Belkin Modem/Router and it works just fine. The problem seems to be with the TP Link modem/router and not the phone.
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    HELP!!!! Note 2 won't connect to WiFi

    Note 2 won't no longer connect to WiFi after updating tot he latest firmware - 4.1.2. Keeps telling me weak signal and refuses to obtain IP address, it does not even register as a connected device on my modem configuration page. Point is it was working fine prior to me updating to the latest...
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    Belkin N600HD not recognized by desktop

    Umm how do i go about doing that? I've tried everything i know but it's no good. Done resetting the ModemRouter too.
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    Belkin N600HD not recognized by desktop

    Hi, My belkin router F7D4401 is not being recognize by my desktop whereas i can connect to the same without a problem using my laptop. The belkin router management software shows the router as connected when i joined it my laptop but the desktop always says not connected. What went wrong...
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    Are you Ready for the future of the Internet?

    Got this - You don’t have IPv6, but you shouldn’t have problems on websites that add IPv6 support
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    [Guwahati Members] List & Best ISP?

    The last time i asked they said 4500 for the 3g data card but that was like last year. Am expecting somewhere in the 3000 range. For more details, you should just check the site.
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    Sony hacked again; Sony Pictures this time

    Why in the world would they save user data in plain text? Thought they learned the hard way with PSN! They were asking for it! Hmm wonder if i can still get a hold of the music coupon lol
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    Data recovery softwares

    +1 for Easeus from me too. Really easy to use and it did not take too long which i was expecting, when i used it.
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    [Guwahati Members] List & Best ISP?

    Would like to know about the plan they provide they provide and their tariff.
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