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    Good Cameraphone needed, for around 18-20k

    How Lucky you are! You must be a cam lover! S-T-R-E-C-H your budget,now you have a heavenly choice.......51K worth "NOKIA LUMIA 1020" with 41MP cam and 4.5" display for 27,900 only with 1yr Manufacturer Warranty,brand new item from Flipkart: Error 500 Server Error Enjoy!
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    Android app suggetion thread + MUST have android apps

    Truecaller,blacklist plus,call recorder by lovekara.....Greenify if rooted! Somehow,I love Next launcher with 3D!:lol:
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    Is iPhone more VFM than Droids?

    Android OS is highly customizable and user friendly,but may freeze occasionally.But.iOS is highly MONOTONUS,same old UI (may be iOS 7 has some color effect but same old wine in new bottle). I can have my Android phone to announce caller name/phone number loudly and block a set of numbers...
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    Apple releases iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

    So called budget iPHone 5C is already released in,price is very cheap.............! only Rs.46,900...He..He..He...! Link: Apple iPhone 5c (White) - adexmart
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    Official Android discussion thread

    Hi all,anyone came across this TROJAN? I couldn't get any useful search result.Share your views about this: Anyone using Firewall option in AVAST antivirus? How is it? Somehow I feel AVAST slows my machine,i9082? Is it true?
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    [FAQ] Android Customization: Tips and Tricks

    Hi all,updated my galaxy grand duos i9082 with Russian 4.2.2 and then installed Gennxt ROM which includes root,excellent,smooth enough space for many apps! Suggest me some tweaks good for my i9082!
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    The Windows Mobile Thread

    Re: The Windows Phone Thread @pranav0091,Thanks for sharing app list.....! L520 lacks secondary camera,NFC chip,Dolby Audio output but has a better battery and 4" screen......! L620 is a correct combo with a decent price! UPdate: Nimbuzz update brings live tiles and lock screen support!
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    The Windows Mobile Thread

    Re: The Windows Phone Thread Headset and data cable is BLACK in all coloured 620s (even in white 620 it is black)! Hi all,thanks for your wishes! I'm learning to use L620 gradually,Installed few apps like connectivity shortcuts,battery status,advanced eng...
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    The Windows Mobile Thread

    Re: The Windows Phone Thread Ohhhh!!!.....Balle Ballle Balle....! Bought my beloved WP8.........> Nokia Lumia yellow!!!!!!! me for some basic important apps (only freeware please,no dabbu!),I'll enjoy.....hooh haah haa haaaaahhh! Give me more...
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    Official Blackberry owners discussion thread

    @dhan-shh,congrats on your 'whiteberry'! @Arnab boss,I think I have some answer to your query! This is stolen from a google group discussion,Thanks to the original poster! " If you want to check your mail from Wi-Fi without a data plan, use Logicmail. It's totally free and open...
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    # MyWiFi - MiFi device,a Mush Have now!

    Dhan_shh,congrats, how much you paid for it? Will this support 2G for wifi??!!
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    Official iOS devices thread

    re: Official iPhone/iPod Touch owners thread iphone 4S 16 GB for Rs.36,990 only??????!!!!!!! Spelling mistake??? Apple iPhone 4S-16GB - adexmart
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    # Quick Look at NEW iPhone 4S - Don't Miss!

    Some of the Android features are getting copied to iOS 5, So,.................when you have a great mobile with bigger screen (4.3"),better proxy,MORE RAM (1GB),more sleek,lesser price (27.7K)..........then,why should we all wait for 4S(ick)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO FOR SGS-II Still you are...
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