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    Negative Experience Stay Away From Amazon.in

    As of now, Amazon.in is just a marketplace like eBay, but with better customer service.
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    Need Wifi Card/Adapter for PC !!!

    Tata sky subscribers are getting one for Rs. 300. Get someone to get that for you. For 300 it's a steal.
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    Xperia L/SP thread

    What kind of back panels/covers/cases are you guys using for your L? The only ones I can find in stores are the crappy glossy ones or the flip one. Are there any matte soft TPU back cases available anywhere?
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    Xperia L/SP thread

    Any case/screen guard recommendation for Xperia L. Heard that TPU covers are better than hard shell. Also, would the case show up the curves of this phone? Do they affect NFC at all?
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    Post your latest Purchase

    I've used Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite since they've launched. The touch is fantastic and is not unnatural at all. It's extremely easy to flip pages while you're holding the device in your single hand or as a book in two hands (with the leather cover). The Paperwhite is just amazing with...
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    sharing wired internet in laptop with samsung tablet

    Connectify is your friend
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    Victorinox swiss knife

    Leatherman is a tad better than gerber in terms of solid build. Get one from amazon if you can have someone carry it for you. It'll be a bit costlier from India. Once you use leatherman you'll not go back to victorinox
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    Man of Steel (movie) - 2013

    Phoenix, Lower Parel (Man of Steel is it's first screening)
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    Youngsters arrested for going to Ice cream parlor

    Tehelka expose
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    Youngsters arrested for going to Ice cream parlor

    None of you guys seems to have read Tehelka's expose of this unit. Google it (or Bing it if you want :)) Basically this unit organize 'chaos' around a particular city/event for money for publicity e.g. an artist wants to gain some news coverage, he'd approach these guys, pay some money and they...
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    Compact camera - looking at value for money buy

    Just a small update. Am still unsure whether I should go the DSLR or the mirrorless or a high end digital compact (G1/G12). For the interim have got hold of a used Canon SX10IS. The Canon service center refused to even take my S2IS in for repairs !!! Wondering where I can escalate
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    Media Player/DVD-BD Player/Amplifier

    Get a Topping TP20 amp and a WDTV Live media player. These are budget options
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    *** Science Or God? ***

    God is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance.
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    anybody tested the sx160 is?? And related suggestion.

    Yes - It has the 'M' mode which would your manual mode.
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    Compact camera - looking at value for money buy

    Thanks to you all and a short trip, I've managed to be thoroughly confused about the final selection. I've realized that I do need zoom (at least 12x) and something which will allow me to 'hold' the camera the way they are supposed to be held and not pick it up with two fingers on each side ...
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