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    Please FeedBack Needed urgently!!!

    Me also thinking abt the same thing ... LFS(Linux From Scratch)
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    Knoppix live cd

    this thread is already discussed here Do u want more ??? COME BACK HERE...[/url]
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    D-Link Internal modem users

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    D-Link Internal modem users

    I tried about 6 linux distributions But only 2 (Xandros and ELxLinux) are configured my modem and Now i can use internet Have anyone successfully install D-Link internal modem in other OSs (Fedora,MAndrake....)and using. Plz post replies
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    grub boot loader query

    go ahead niranjan The three Xandros,fedora and Suse can boot from the grub loader I have installed abt 4 other distro. along with these 3 last week and all r using the same grub loader
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    SuSe boot screen

    Yes, it is possible to retain the SuSe boot screen while using PCQ
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    Any live CD supports create a folder/file in harddisk

    while using live cd Can i create a file in harddisk?
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    Yes my frnds, i tried with CS option --no hope
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    help !! 1 st problem: I test with 2 other harddisks connect as primary slave (test also 2 cases: put jumber as slave and w/o jumber) monitor doesn't on same effect also with sec. slve (but if it is connect as master --> OK fine) other Test: I seperate my...
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    My system configuration intel P4 2.4(prescot) intel D845GVSR SAMSUNG 80 GB HD SONY combodrive microsoft keyboard & mouse Samsung SyncMaster 591s 15" monitor sony floppy drive D-Link modem i have 2 problem 1. If i connect my harddisk or combodrive as primary/Secondary slave...
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    UBUNTU install problem..

    Hi siddartha, .......I think u r new to Linux... * select manually edit the partition table option and press enter * Select the partition u want to install (in ur case hda6) and delete the partition * again select the FREE SPACE and select the automatic partition * now it...
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    How to install SuSE 9.1 ?

    If u don't like to partition the drive manually during the following * remove all files in the last partition ie.emptying the last drive. OR make more than 4 GB free space and defrag that drive .and go tothe Suse installation
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