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    The Goobimama Tutorial Archives! (Totally Fixed!)

    Well...The rapidshare link works fine... All you have to do is copy paste the link in ur browser, and click "Free" wait for the counter to count down, and there you have your link. Btw, rapidshare does not support download managers, unless you are a premium member. No offence to banned2wise's...
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    [Preview+Feedback] June 2005 Digit DVD - Anniversary Issue

    This is extremely disappointing...its supposed to be an anniversary issue, and theres no sign of Adobe Photoshop CS2, or any major image editing software. 90% of software featured can be easily managed to be d/led on dialup. I would like the digit team to reconsider their reason for shifting to...
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    Valve-VU settle dispute, HL2 to be pulled from shelves...

    Well...there won't be a backlash at all. Instead they'll be encouraged all the more by the wannabe 'techie' online community and this is what will drive them. It sounds and looks 'cool' to download games, the idiocy in it notwithstanding In the months to come, everyone in the states will be...
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    Valve-VU settle dispute, HL2 to be pulled from shelves...

    What we are just about to witness is warez groups neatly repackage the online product and share it via P2P or FTPs...Valve is shooting themselves on the feet since a large number of people still don't have the patience/moolah to sit and download games. They have a feeling that they'll release...
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    Which PC Game has best story line??

    Mafia was one of the finest GTA clones ever released...Do you know that they'd included a video file to be played if you tried to use a pirated copy?...Check your cds rt now..it's pretty funny...
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    Will this game run on this configuration?

    Ok...everyone, POP:SOT can be played on a non-HW T&L card. I've seen my friend do that a year back. I don't remember the setting, but check out (and post your query @ the 3dA forum) and you'll be playing it in no time...
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    AMD 64

    Read more here http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/article/1795/
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    which browser is better ?

    Refer to this thread http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14569 It's about Opera Vs. FF.
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    right-click menu : add/remove.

    Have you been to Shell Extension City..Awesome!
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    How to Juice up Doom3

    check out the last post by tarey_g here.. A lot of links to tweaking sites. And a comprehensive guide on tweaking Doom 3here
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    31337 sp3@k 93N3R@T0r

    http://ryanross.net/leet/leet2.gif download here http://ryanross.net/leet/l33t_v12.zip for more info http://ryanross.net/leet/
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    Good Quality CDs

    Read more about different types of cds here http://www.silverace.com/dottyspotty/issue12.html
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    poll - number of fans in your system

    If you are using 8 fans..it's better you go for liquid nitrogen cooling @ a modest 125$ here http://www.maximumoc.com/ln2.html
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    Good Quality CDs

    Has everyone forgotten about Gold CDs? They are priced higher, because some can hold data without any corruption for even a 100 years. If you have data which is of utmost importance..spend 50-60Rs and get yourself a gold cd.
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    HDDlife - check the life of your HDD

    Thanks for the info, icecoolz. Gr8 prog!
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