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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    hope someone can help me out here. Modem: MT841 Issue: Even though i am using a splitter, whenever i pick up my phone my broadband gets disconnected. BSNL ppl have replaced all the wires from the exchange upto my place, changed the ports twice but the problem persists. I have tested my modem...
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    Is Nokia N81 worth buying in today's date??

    I used to own G700. Its a pretty good phone but it uses UIQ which is pretty much dead. Also it has a few inherent bugs... the one which drove me to sell it off comes under messaging. After reading a msg when you press the back button the prv screen gets displayed twice or thrice... its very...
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    E55 Vs E71

    E75 costs around 23K. E71 is better than E75. and i dont like slide phones.. E55 uses Li-Ion 1500 mAh (BP-4L) battery, the one used in E71! Both e55 and e71 have amazing battery back up. we can comment on e55's keypad only when it comes out and gets reviewed but i think semi QWERTY is not that bad!
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    E55 Vs E71

    I was planning on buying E71, but ever since i laid my eyes on E55 i havent been able to stop thinking about it!!!:grin: I consider E55 to be better than E71 coz of its 1. size 2. E55 uses FP2 3. N gage platform! There are a lot of other differences but this is what matters to me... So which...
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    Latest Cellphone Prices Here! (Refer 1st Page)

    yep. n79 price here in Bangalore is 17,450Rs. Dang! n82's price dint drop...:cry:
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    Help on Deciding a cell phone with budget around 18K

    JAK wrote: "logically N82 shud run more faster(handle apps better) right...:?:" @JAK yep. n82 runs faster than n79. you can also make n79 run as fast as n82 but you have to turn off the transitions which is a special feature n79's Feature Pack 2. But whats the point of having a cell with FP2 then?
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    Help on Deciding a cell phone with budget around 18K

    I beg to differ. Video recording capability of n82 is better than that of n79. Check this link for a proper comparison: http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/reviews/item/Nokia_N791.php
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    Help on Deciding a cell phone with budget around 18K

    Hey! i too am planning on a cell in that range and this is what i have found. Firstly, 5800 has some problems. You can check that out at http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_5800_xpressmusic-reviews-2537.php You will have to go through quite some pages before you truly understand what the cell(in...
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    N78 users...

    Nokia has removed that cell from its site within one year of its release... i am not suggesting that it is bad but some people have had pretty bad experience with n78. So o do extensive research and if you feel that it is acceptable then go for it! Good luck! :-)
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    Latest Cellphone Prices Here! (Refer 1st Page)

    I heard that Nokia usually reduces the price of its existing products after it releases new ones and that it is, as usual, going to release its new range of cell phones in the 2nd quarter of 2009 (April 09). Does anyone have any info on the price drops??? i am planning to buy a new cell so i...
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    Virus / trojan / malware problem.

    ^ thanks! will try that!
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    Virus / trojan / malware problem.

    Myproblem: My system is infected with some virus or a trojan. Also, i was not able to set the "Show hidden files" in folder option & i feel it is related to my problem. Detail: In all my drives, there seems to be 2 files with attributes: S H R File 1: autorun.inf [AutoRun]...
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    [Windows XP] FreQuently AsKed ProBlems WITH SoluTions...

    Thanks! @Vishal I had problem number 23 & well, you fixed it! thanks!!!
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    Pulsar 150cc Mileage issues.

    Thanks for the reply! i have driven it for more than 8000km & well all the free services and 2 paid ones are done. I guess i'll have to take it to the service center...
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