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    List of OS (es) you legitimately Bought/Own

    I've bought Windows XP (84-bit) and Windows Vista(64,84-bit) I've owned Ubuntu and Mint Helena :)
  2. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    Lol as tron says BRUTE FORCE
  3. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    mwahaha @ Pg116
  4. bloomark

    Digit CTC 2.0 - Unofficial gossip thread

    can we have CTC 2.0 in may? i've got my board exams in three weeks! :O
  5. bloomark

    iPhone 3gs in india? also poll for nexus and iPhone

    you get iPhone along with an airtel/vodafone SIM both of which charge you exorbitantly high prices (if you want a warranty i.e) you could always buy one from the grey market but you do not get a warranty i think the legal one costs somewhere in the region of 30k and unless you want to pay for...
  6. bloomark

    Number of GSM Operators in India & the Best

    isnt uninor a GSM operator? its not as big as the others that have been listed but its certainly made its mark
  7. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    Helena is awesome isnt it? Oh and @tron wrong thread? :P
  8. bloomark

    ONLY CRICKET RULEzzzz here

    200* w00t!
  9. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    i don care about winning can i just see my name in the magazine! :P
  10. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    @akshat you seem to have jumped a few clues finally sent in my entry :) i hope whoever checks my entry likes manchester united
  11. bloomark

    wiki it and find an application

    wiki it and find an application
  12. bloomark

    its 'mass transport' and not public transport look for something that can carry many people

    its 'mass transport' and not public transport look for something that can carry many people
  13. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    @Makx yea thats right.. @diyaraj how is the webpage made?
  14. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    @doc erm wiki it ^_^
  15. bloomark

    Digit CTC Discussion

    Hats off to digit They did an amazing job with CTC I started CTC on saturday (20.2.10) night o.O I've been on the comp for atleast 18hrs a day since then Moreover, I've learned alot from this, like using a hex ed***r and finding out that data can be encrypted in im**s Kudos guys Bloo
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