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    Presenting, the first ever "Offend an Indian Politician Competition"

    Never give up on your constitutional freedoms that easily.
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    Presenting, the first ever "Offend an Indian Politician Competition"

    Hello guys As if their horrible leadership skills weren’t enough, Indian politicians have now started whining about their offended sensibilities. If you like me have been disgusted by the unconstitutional arrest of the cartoonist Aseem Trivedi then show your anger towards Indian Politicians by...
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    8800GTX Superclocked FS

    I have two EVGA superclocked 8800GTX in perfect sealed condition. It hasnt been unboxed yet. I have intrested in selling it off for 17.5K. If anyone is intrested please PM. priority to people in Delhi.
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    GTX 280 and 260 released

    Head over to http://www.nvidia.com for more details
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    8800GTX Superclocked for 20K

    Superclocked 8800GTX for 20K. All the orignal stuff included. PM if intrested
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    Vista showing 3.5gb ram but i got 5gb

    Blithering idiots that come on this forum. You must understand that any 32 bit OS will support maximum of around 3.5 GB For making full use of that 5 GB you will have to get a 64 bit edition of any WINDOWS VISTA VERSION REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT IS SP1 OR SP1000
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    Overclocked 8800GTX FS for throw away price

    Im interested in selling my EVGA SUPERCLOCKED 8800GTX bundled with CRYSIS for rs 25000 only. Contact me if you are intrested
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    9800GTX out

    head over to http://www.nvidia.com for more details
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    8800GTX for 25K

    Sweet Jesus Dude Its 1 for 25k. Get a life This is a superclocked edition with CRYSIS bundled. You normally get 8800GTX for 30K. This is a steal of a deal. PLUS the cards are NEW and only been unboxed.
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    8800GTX for 25K

    I have two EVGA superclocked 8800GTX with Crysis bundled selling them for 25k. Intrested please reply
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    [Feedback] Digit March 2008

    close down digit:D
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    [By Demand] May 2008 DVD/CD

    vista ultimate 64 bit:D
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    i needed graphics card

    9800GTX2 is not going to be less than 40K
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    i needed graphics card

    The cheapest GTX is Manli one it is for 30K and has no bundle at all. This one is supercloked and has crysis genuine. anyway if you are intrested i would be happy to enter into negotiations email is: aditya.aditude@gmail.com thanks!
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    For Sale: Pentium II pc

    Dont be brainwashed by others let me tell you if money i no bar GTX Pwns GT for breakfast. NO questions asked. Period. The 8800GT has been able to come near to the 8800GTX only becuase of change in manufacturing process and PCIe2 As for skulltrail its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy expensive
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