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8800GTX Superclocked for 20K

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Broken In
A thread on assumption. 16k is good enough price for 8800gtx accounting that 8800gts 512mb for 18k is of almost same performance or tad below.


Everything is possible
hey i was just saying as it is old 8800gtx.new 9800gtx is available 4 18k.so why a person buy it for 20k. i think no one will. i wasn't actually telling him the price of his card but tryin to tell him 2 lower his price if he wanna sell it. sorry for any inconvenience or mistake guys.u put ur price on.


Wise Old Owl
if you want your card to be sold , post some specs , pics , model , warranty left, accesories,bill , place of purchase and lower ur price..u can get new 8800GTS 512 for 16.6k.
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