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    Can Vintage Chip/Digit Magazines be sold through this Bazaar Forum

    I will be obliged if you can provide a few links where members have sold old mags .I will continue in that thread only else get an idea as to how to post for such a thing. Thanks
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    Can Vintage Chip/Digit Magazines be sold through this Bazaar Forum

    I have with me the entire collection of Chip and Digit magazines right from the very first four introductory issues( priced at 80 bucks , ) from April 1998 till to date ( without CD/DVD). I have kept all these issues since the last 13 plus years for purely nostalgic reasons.For some...
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    How to view locked images / Albums in Orkut?

    Ripping off the idea from another thread on orkut started by me ...It just struck me whether there is a way out to view someone's locked album to which you are not allowed access. Earlier Orkut had no such concept as locked or unlocked albums. Is doing so legal or comes under the...
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    Is Mobile Colours a function of it's Operating System?

    Is the Number of Colours of the screen a function of the operating system of the mobile ? I mean I have often ( though not confirmed ) observed that mobiles running on Windows Mobile OS have a screen resolution of just 65K colours unlike those running on Symbian OS which presently goes upto...
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    Corsair Psu Query!!

    25 Days are over dude . So which UPS are those guys using and of what brand and ratings? Also how are the faring ?
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    Problem With SMPS Or UPS

    :D:D ROFLMAO:D And how many batteries are stacked for this set up ? Are you sure your's is a 14KVA UPS and not a 1400 VA ( without K) . I was more surprised with the statement - have a UPS System for the entire house which is a Pure sine wave UPS.... Its Rating is 1 KVA...
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    How many here (In India ) don't use any UPS?

    I am just a bit curious to know how many of us folks here don't use any UPS for power back up . Please also mention your reason for not using one along with your location . How many using a CVT / Servo Stabilizer also along with an UPS?
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    review your psu

    Ok asking it for the last time :D Are your PSU's with or without Active/passive PFC and which UPS are you on if at all you are on a UPS.
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    Corsair Psu Query!!

    Before I even attempt to answer your questions sagargv or analyze what could have possibly happened , I need to know in black and white the following facts from Bullzi - What is the status of Your UPS? Is it working Ok with a different PSU ( any brand) .This I need to know so as to rule out...
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    Do SMPS's ( PSUs) have any compatibility issues with a UPS / CVT / Home UPS

    sagargv Does your PSU has an active PFC or a Passive PFC or no PFC ? I see 2 models of 500 Watts on cooler master's site , one without any PFC and the other with a PFC but a passive one . Bullzi's model is PFC and that is ACTIVE and hence the problem. Here are the links -...
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    Corsair Psu Query!!

    Bullzi , this is what I learnt on various sites. PSU with an Active PFC on battery mode has the potential to draw it's rated power and infact it does draw it's rated power as it has an additional circuit ( electronic circuit of ICs , diodes , transsitors et al ) to do the Power Factor...
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    Do SMPS's ( PSUs) have any compatibility issues with a UPS / CVT / Home UPS

    Hey Bullzi , I read about your corsair screw up and felt sad about it as I was myself planning to go for the same thing , psu as well as the UPS. So what have you done now to rectify the things - Are you using Corsair now ? If yes then with which UPS and if no then which PSU are you...
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    Do SMPS's ( PSUs) have any compatibility issues with a UPS / CVT / Home UPS

    Why isn't anyone responding to this thread ? Is it beyond everyone here ? If not about the compatibility issue atleast folks here can mention their smps and ups / cvt combinations Incase this thing has been enlightened anywhere else here or on some other site atleast give me the link .
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    Do SMPS's ( PSUs) have any compatibility issues with a UPS / CVT / Home UPS

    To all Cooler master , Antec and Corsair PSU owners Are you guys on a UPS / CVT or without it ? Could you please post the make and ratings of your SMPS and UPSes / CVTs? Please. Thanks PS 1: Very humbly I am requesting you all to spare some valuable time of your's and...
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    Do I have to repurchase Win XP home if I am upgrading my entire hardware?

    To Ponmayilal .... Sorry for the delay in reply dude. 1.I fail to understand why is the activation screp up happening and rehappening with your pal's pc when he has infact made no hardware changes to his comp.I fail to figure out the reason how come he has come in the bad looks of...
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