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    Canon SX100 IS - Mega Review

    Nice review gaurav.
  2. ArZuNeOs

    Checkout this awesome wallpaper..

    really nice one mate
  3. ArZuNeOs

    A really long rant against SBI bank !!!!

    Actually the process of opening the FD begins with you having the FD a/c & savings A/c with them so they can credit ur savings a/c with interest ,rather than shunting it to some other a/c in other bank.Marketing & Business strategy followed by them. So the egghead pestered u to open the...
  4. ArZuNeOs

    Tally 7.2 does not work in Vista. Why ???

    I have used Tally 9.0..It works fine ...but not the multi user edition
  5. ArZuNeOs

    Mac Pro odor can get you Leukemia

    Ok you guys are scaring me
  6. ArZuNeOs

    The $ 800 Mac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well i am overwhelmed by this news ....waiting for more info
  7. ArZuNeOs

    I had to buy a digiCam.

    Ok Why not go for the Panny FZ-18 @ 16k Grey or 22k in JJMehta
  8. ArZuNeOs

    Post your latest Purchase

    Its from Mercury... Why a Mercury one
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    .iso displayed as .rar (archieved)

    Oh boy easy dont worry 2 ways 1st Mode-Fire up [open up ] WinRaR Goto Options > Settings > Integration > Deselect ISO 2nd Mode-Open Windows Explorer or click on My Computer Goto Tools > Folder Options > File Types > Find out .ISO file type from the list shown In the Details Choose...
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    Welcome to Zeon Neo!!! err....Choto Cheeta
  11. ArZuNeOs

    Curfew in Goa town after Muslim boy teases Hindu girl

    Guys in Goa.....is it anyone among you...lol... Naveen congrats on your 2000th post
  12. ArZuNeOs

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Bill Gates Has Left the Building

    fine one...but this thread has the similar topic ... Mods please merge this one with the other topic No Offense Naveen
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    50$ coupon Free from Facebook`s Advertising segment.. Hurry!!

    naveen ...yaar...u rock...me passing this offer...Oops
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    Gigabyte 9800GX2 Testing by Team THL

    Yeah +1 for the Ati Series....
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