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    Copy data from NFS partition to NTFS and vice versa !

    Dear friends, I have SUSE 10 installed on NFS partition on my machine.... I want to copy data from NFS Partition to NTFS partition and vice versa.... Currently when i try to copy data from NFS partition to NTFS partition, i get an error saying " Unable to write to <.. > Can ya suggest ...
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    Suspected BOOT virus, help needed urgently???

    problem was there in the keyboard. Fixed it.
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    Suspected BOOT virus, help needed urgently???

    Dear friends, I have a very strange prblm, On boot i get the Message " Keyboard error ". Now i have 2 Boot-loaders, one from Linux and other from Win with 2000 and XP versions. When i load ny of the windows(2000, Xp), i simply cannot type the username and password This is bcoz as when...
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    can not defragmenrt hard drive ..

    ya kniwor is rite, i suspect some problems in ur services.msc( go to run and type services.msc) Check out whether u accidently put off something which deframgmentor depends on Check out the properties of each serviece and try to find to find out dependency list of each one, Or else u...
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    Recommend a good DVD burning software

    Hey Roxio burner V8.0 works well for me I got rid of nero few months back.
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    Best Programming Book

    For C: Yashwant Kanitkar, Balguruswamy For C: LAfore, (It simply cant get any better than this)
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    IP address of Yahoo chat users

    Also load Enivronment , Webcam viewing may also help u to get the ip add using netstat, Correct me if i am wrong
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    Which DVD-Writer To Buy.....

    Re: Which DVD-Writer To Buy........... Go for Sony Dru 810 A Or else Go for Benq 1655 Asus COstly And Performancewise all the 3 Are Equal
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    IP tracing with ORKUT, Possible????

    i tried to search my friend, couldnt find him, succeeded in finding another friends My Question y this inconsistency.
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    IP tracing with ORKUT, Possible????

    Hey guys wat abt the second prblm i had posted?
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    IP tracing with ORKUT, Possible????

    Dear Friends, 1>Is it possible to Trace Ip from the Scraps in ORkut? 2>I tried to search myself in orkut, couldnt find myself, Same is he case with Few of my other friends, Ny idea for workarounds?
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    Unable to troubleshoot a hard disk crash.

    Dear friends, I had used Automated Os installation cd to install Win xp sp2 in my friends place. I had prepared this cd according to what was given in this months issue, "Take a crack" After doing that My friends 1st drive crashed(it had WIn 98 installed in it) Now that volume is tottaly...
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    disable delete from windows xp

    One solutn as i see it Create a account called Admin or ADministrator in ur pc let it have administrator priviledges Now hide ur original account from control panel, Now when the pc is switched on ur friends will only bw able to log on on newly created account as ur Orinal acc is...
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    Am i right in calculating

    Use PCmark. It wil let u know everything u want to.
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    System Problem, help please !!!

    @ 47shailesh It is not mandate, Smps can be faulty even if Power led and Hdd Led glows. i had to repair my Smps and the symptoms were that both Power Led and HDD Led were GLowing Continously. It due to some Internal Shorting of wires.
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