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Suspected BOOT virus, help needed urgently???

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Dear friends,
I have a very strange prblm, On boot i get the Message " Keyboard error ".

Now i have 2 Boot-loaders, one from Linux and other from Win with 2000 and XP versions.

When i load ny of the windows(2000, Xp), i simply cannot type the username and password
This is bcoz as when the logon screen appears " it is filled with the string

then i somehow i manage to logon and then even in the Taskmanager there are no suspicious process running
I also ensured that none of my keys in my keyboard are pressed accidently.

Also even after opening IE, Its gets filled with the foresaid string.

ALso there could be possiblity of Keyboard malfuntion which i will find out ASAP.

CAn u guys help me out, i would be gratefull to u as i hate formatting.

tnx in advance.


Alive Again...
try cleaning your pc in every possible way Defrag, Scandisk HDD (Driver where Windows is loaded)
that is by sys (system file checker) antivirus, remove temp files, remove any unwanted software u downloaded from internet that is like screensaver, Update or reinstall your keyboard driver
Is this problems comes with linux or not....?
Which is your default loader Win or linux...?
Did you tried to boot your PC after removing your Keyboard ?
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