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    Share your Tweaking Tips here

    some usefull windows run command appwiz.cpl -- Used to run Add/Remove wizard Calc --Calculator Cfgwiz32 --ISDN Configuration Wizard Charmap --Character Map Chkdisk --Repair damaged files Cleanmgr --Cleans up hard drives Clipbrd --Windows Clipboard viewer Control...
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    Motion capture software

    VidShot Capturer CamStudio Free Screen Capture all are free screen capture software. source
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    Best Email Service

    yes buddy you are right. that's why i also prefer for yahoo for disposable email service. gmail trick is only for tracking and filtering the mails.
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    Best Email Service

    you can use '+' sign in gmail for using your email as disposable email. and can track the spam, and then filter it. e.g. amitshahc+office@gmail.com see more about it
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    Orkut is Banned!!!!!

    Kasper sky is also the best antivirus. try that also. it should get rid of by an antivirus only.
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    looking for a software which will do same as MS photo editor

    i don't know why is does matter that how much old the post is? the thread is like a subject on which anyone can have any idea at any time. should the visitors of the thread come via some searches, should just satisfied by the uncompleted topic, just becasue of the time intervals between quotes...
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    looking for a software which will do same as MS photo editor

    why you all are finding for the softwares. while there are lots of sites that provides such features online. see the list of online photo editors
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    photo editors

    well there is online photo editor with the same feature like of adobe photoshop. it will be usefull when u don't have any software intalled on your machine. or you just want to edit it far from your terminal. Splashup is the site. and there are more listed in this source
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    FastStone Screen Capture 5.0 (freeware)

    hey i think faststone 5.0 is not available and the newer version is not freeware. you can use some of these freewares. it's completely free. http://www.geovid.com/VidShot_Capturer/ http://camstudio.org/ http://www.filebuzz.com/fileinfo/16193/Free_Screen_Capture.html i like the camstudio most...
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    [Firefox] Tweaks for faster browsing

    it's not enough well it's not enough do aslo this. it realy made my firefox life faster. just doubled the speed. browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs – true network.http.max-connections – 48 network.http.max-connections-per-server – 16...
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    Orkut Adds Applications

    i just like the new feature of using low bandwidth of orkut , if you have limited speed of the internet. but the disandvantage is i can't see the photos quickly. over all it's good for low bandwidth internet users.
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    A Gmail trick

    there is also a feature in gmail to send formated invitation mail to your guests. and how to use google as your online calculator. send formatted invitation by Gmail How to Use the Google Calculatori didn't knew those usefull features till i discover more. google is master...
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    A Gmail trick

    Another use Using this example, say you email an invitation to your colleagues in a office asking them to rsvp to the invitaion. You ask them to reply to "amitshahc+nope@gmail.com" when sending you a response, if they don't want to come. and reply to "amitshahc+ofcourse@gmail.com". Assuming...
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    IE7Pro0.9.14 : An ultimate Add-On for IE7

    Crash Recovery.... why don't we should use the Session manager addon.:p
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    Pen drive problem

    you should use AVG free or Kaspersky. it is very efficient to remove the virus and your data will be saved as it is. but can somebody tell me how do i set the default option when i double click on the pen drive icon. = the first option when i right click on the pen drive's icon in my computer...
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