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    E-Book Shelf

    Googling would have served the purpose. However, these are from myside: http://www.free-ebooks.net/ http://www.agoodread.com/freebooks.html http://www.baen.com/library/ http://www.bibliomania.com/ http://www.fictionfactor.com/freebies.html http://www.kingfisherbooks.com/...
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    New Rediffmail

    @atool, hotmail would never get cool, dump it. I too use both like Shwetanshu, for my family and close friends it is rediff, as gmail sometimes do not open in some machines, specially when you access in Win 98 machines still rampant in many cyber cafes. And lately, its server is down quite...
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    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its an fucking emergency

    Good comment Puija
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    Log In User Name/Icon disappeared

    In one of the laptops of another Director in my office, all of a sudden Windows crashed in a peculiar way. It boots in the normal way, but then goes to the Log in screen, but there does not appear any user name/icon that can be clicked to log into. The same is the case when booted in all...
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    New Rediffmail

    Rediff has revamped its email service. Now you can search inside emails a la gmail, drag and drop mails into fiolders on the fly. download attachments without opening even the mails and preview the mails by just clicking a plus sign on the margin, without opening. Good spade work done by rediff.
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    Problem in internet access through GPRS

    @Mohit Sharma Check airtelworld.com or call 9849012345 for the teriff in your state. GPRS (Mobile Office) is Rs 750, but they offer rebates up to Rs 501 (making it Rs 99) and the rebates vary from circle to circle. Wap is however Rs 99 (to browse only the Wap enabled sites on your handset...
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    Flock, the New Browser on the Block

    @srijit In my case it asked the bookmarks to be imported, I elected FF and Opera, and it did the needful alright.
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    Now it is Solaris LIVE!!!!

    Check this link for Belenix, from mera bhaarat mahan. http://belenix.sarovar.org/belenix_home.html
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    Problem in internet access through GPRS

    handset is LG G1600. WaP browser on the cell onnects alright. But the trick you mention did not succeed.
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    Airtel GPRS Online: Is it possible?

    For prepaid, it is Rs 5 per day (at Nagpur at least). So that way it is better that you pay only for the days you use it.
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    Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

    I did not vote above, but my observation is that for low end needs, better to avoid Nokia. They are damn costly as compared to other brands -SE, Motorola et al with eqal features. But for smart phones, in fact, there are no equiivalent phones in other brands. hence Nokia rules. I do feel that...
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    Problem in internet access through GPRS

    This might equally pertain to the Mobile forum. Anyway, while accessing GPRS internet (Airtel connection) on my office PC through a serial cable, I do not feel much problems. But on my laptop, through a USB cable, I always find a problem. Once when I disconnect and then again try to connect the...
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    'Headless' Windows Task Manager

    That did the trick all right for me. But when I tried to make the toolbar again vanish, I did not succeed. So just dounle clicking does not seem to make the title bar toggle between off and on.
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    queries about airtel gprs

    Having received my first bill from Airtel, I learnt that Mobile Office IS Rs 600 per montth all right. But the local networks give discounts over that. Some states give more, up to Rs 501, to make it Rs 99, others less to make it Rs 299 or so.
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    HCL & AMD unveils PC for Rs 9990

    There have been other cheap laptops at Rs 22K and PCs with AMD, costing Rs 12-13K, with Free DOS or Linux. But what happens? The buyers always demand WinXP (and MS Office) and all the vendors happily install pirated MS products!!! The same might bold good for this too. If one is knowledgeable...
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