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    the Official Intel Core ix thread for desktops and laptops

    Re: The Official Core i7 (Intel's nehalem) Thread To all the core i7 owners here, how many years do you think your core i7 rigs will last? In the following context: 1. the hardware remaining in working condition. 2. the hardware being able to match the increasing requirements of...
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    GPU NEWS Channel

    The Sapphire HD4890 1GB Atomic looks good but... By when can we expect it in India? What would be the expected price? For software like autodesk 3ds max and inventor, which would be better, the evga gtx 275 ftw with 896MB memory or the sapphire hd4890 atomic with 1GB? (on a full hd monitor)...
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    CPU/Chipset News

    Re: INTEL/AMD NEWS Channel Maybe the Intel/AMD and Nvidia/Ati threads should not exist, because after every news there are going to be many comments and even without news there are going to be many comments. So very soon these two threads will become difficult to keep track off and then...
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    racist attacked on indians..

    More Indian students should go there. More the number of Indians, less the number of racially motivated attacks. BTW NRI's do send a lot of money back home to India. So even if they may not know about it, that is their way of giving something back to the country.
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    Christians, Hindus, Sikhs forced to flee Swat: Catholic Church

    Are the days good enough now for the europeans to come back to their original home? Is the overpopulation in the subcontinent at the same "severe" level as when europeans "migrated", to warrant a free migration to Australia and the Americas? If not is it OK if the subcontinent populates...
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    Dope game

    You are welcome. LOL @ woohoo smiley!
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    Dope game

    Drug Wars Underworld Thats its new avatar.
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    Caught speaking Malayalam, Apollo nurses asked to resign

    The employer cannot be the judge of that because he is not employing just a person's qualities, he is employing the entire person. The qualities/certificate which make the person suitable for the job are just one aspect of the person. The employer cannot say that he just wants the best rose...
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    ASUS GTX295 4GB Monster

    2 Q's 1. any idea about the price of the card? 2. any idea whether bill gates has daughter of marriageable age? :razz:
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    Caught speaking Malayalam, Apollo nurses asked to resign

    Why should there be a contract in the first place that allows only english to be spoken in an Indian hospital in India? When even MP's can speak in their native languages in the parliament, then how can a hospital make its employees sign a contract that forbids any Indian language? I wonder...
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    North Korea 'fires more missiles'

    Two beggars with half a blanket each are in no position to sell each other anything, they just combined them. pakistan and north Korea exchanged nuclear tech for missile tech. This nuclear and missile test by north Korea is not good for India. It just worsens the overall security situation for...
  12. afonofa

    IAF's first AWACS arrived

    None of you ever played F-16 Multi Role Fighter, Mig-29 Fulcrum or F-22 Lightning 3 flight sims? I think Freespace 2 would be something similar to Novalogic's Tachyon: The Fringe. I hope Freespace 2 is "available", been wanting to play a flight/space sim for a long time. BTW congrats on the...
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    need help to build up a gaming rig @ 70k

    No idea about a phenom config or about the vendors at Delhi. comp@ddict probably knows where you can get the cheapest rates in nehru place. If you are going for a gtx 275 sli then I think its better to get the Tagan 1100W. For a single gpu the Corsair 750W or Tagan 800W, both are good enough.
  14. afonofa

    need help to build up a gaming rig @ 70k

    Yea the Tagan 1100W can handle a gtx 275 sli setup. I think it's also cheaper than the Corsair. The HAF 932 is a full tower cabinet with enough room for even the largest gpu's in a dual gpu setup, you will find the Antec 900 cramped for room in some cases. It's air cooling is just as good as...
  15. afonofa

    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    comp@ddict any guesses as to why theitwares has the price of the Core i7 920 at Rs.15800? Has the price for the Core i7 920 increased? MetalheadGautham are you a moderator now?
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