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    Upgrading my computer under 35k

    Does anyone know when Haswell is coming out. I just prices for Haswell CPUs. If OP wants to buy in couple of months time, he might wait for Haswell to release.
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    AMD casual Gaming rig

    Yes, forgot to mention that.
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    Need buying advice for a Gaming rig ~30k

    I wasn't able to find FX 6300. WoW and PS are both CPU intensive and multi-thread pretty well. AMD FX 6100 - 7.3K Asus M5A97 - 6.7k or Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 - 5.8K. (You might be able to get a cheaper mobo if you look a little harder.) and the rest from the above rig. I guess that is breaking...
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    AMD casual Gaming rig

    And add on 4 more GB of RAM when ever you can 4GB just seems a little short.
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    Need help deciding on a Low to Mid-range Home PC

    Yeah, A10 5800 K is pretty good and you must be able to play most game without a separate GPU. Check your games here Test Setup And Benchmarks : AMD Trinity On The Desktop: A10, A8, And A6 Get Benchmarked! You need to buy 8GB RAM with an APU though, it needs more memory for its GPU component.
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    Need help deciding on a Low to Mid-range Home PC

    Go for the A10 APU with 8GB of RAM. AMD A10 5800K - 8K Motherboard - 5K (Get a compatiable Gigabyte) GSkillRipJaws 8 GB DDR3 RAM - 3K AOC 18.5" LED (3 yrs warranty) LG DVD Writer (1 yr warranty) WD 500 GB HDD (2 yrs warranty) Logitech Keyboard/Mouse combo (2 yr warranty) Bluetooth Dongle WiFi...
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    StarCraft 2 Heart of Swarm Beta key giveaway - Eurogamer

    Does anyone still have any keys left?
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    StarCraft 2 Heart of Swarm Beta key giveaway - Eurogamer

    Ehh you sure? HoTS is an expansion and I assumed that you would need the base game to play it. SC2 was probably the best $40 I ever spent on a game. HoTS is going to be amazing too.
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    New PC Build- Help

    At that budget AMD is better value for your money.
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    Budget Rig for playing FiFA

    Cost of FIFA on PC Rs. 1,000 about a week after release (1.5K pre-order). Cost on console is 2.5K (3K pre-order).
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    Need a good gaming pc for 35K

    Woah, I thought these would be priced at around 12K. 5800K = Trinity right?
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    Need Best Gaming Configuration for 100k

    Water cooling over-rated IMO. Air cooling should be enough for OCing. H212 or a Noctua will do just fine.
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    Need Best Gaming Configuration for 100k

    CPU - i5 - 3570K - 13.5k Mobo - Maximus Gene V - 15 K (Or Asus Z77 V Pro, I really hate spending more on mobo than the proc, but Indian prices make that kinda hard) GPU - 7970 - Range of 30-40K depending on your brand preference. RAM - 8GB GSkill RipJaws - 3K Monitor - Dell S series(18K) or...
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    Hackintosh under 50k

    I'm currently running Mac in a VM and it's slow. I've allocated 2 cores and 4GB RAM. Hackintosh is too much trouble especially if you want to game on it too. You will be buying 6xxx AMDs or 670 or 680 NVidia cards and will be very restricted in your choice of motherboards too (Gigabyte only...
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    Need help on buying HDD..

    WD Black is the best in performance right now.
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