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    [For Sale] AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz AM3 95W Black Edition Proccy + Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H + Belkin N150

    Re: AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz AM3 95W Black Edition Proccy + Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H + Belkin N1 I'm interested in buying Phenom II x3 720 BE ? How old is the CPU ? Did you keep it OCed ?
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    G.Skill TridentX 2400 MHz CL10 16GB Kit

    I wonder why enthusiast hardware is so overpriced in India!! Comparing with newegg you will find everything to be at least 50% costlier. Desktop is already dead in India except for us enthusiast and gamers and they are trying to kill that too with overpriced hardware. BTW nice RAM and don't...
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    Asus Radeon HD 7970 unboxing

    ebay (hong kong) using paypal. Yes, running furmark for very long time could probably damage it but there are no better stressing utility to check the stability of your card. Also Heaven 2.1 doesn't really stress the card that much. In fact Crysis2 benchmark is more stressing than heaven 2.1.
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    Asus Radeon HD 7970 unboxing

    Replaced stock cooler with Gelid Icy Vision-A......max temps are below 60C with fur mark burn in.
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    [URGENT] Help Needed. Radeon HD 7640G + 7670M 1.5GB VS Radeon HD 7670m 2GB

    The CPU in AMD APU is far worse than 2nd gen i3. Clock for clock, even quadcore AMD piledriver Fx CPUs are no match for 2nd gen i3 . Making the matter worse unlike Fx CPUs ,APUs don't have L3 cache. So I'm 100% sure the AMD CPU in the first build is worse than intel build. However it is good...
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    [URGENT] Help Needed. Radeon HD 7640G + 7670M 1.5GB VS Radeon HD 7670m 2GB

    Dude the first one has more graphical prowess as the two GPUs 7640G and 7670M runs together in crossfire to give you more graphics processing capability. The AMD CPU will hardly be a bottleneck even for the crossfire combination. So for gaming choose the first one. No doubt intel cpu is better...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Trashy games do not score 9.3 on IGN. Choices you make during the gameplay has effect on the final outcome, so play wise and be careful because if you die in some specific missions, you won't be asked again and again to restart from the last check point but face entirely different mission...
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    Crysis 3

    Crysis 3 alpha MP is a real resource hog. It uses around 1.9GB of VRAM in max details @1080p with motion blur set to medium. Although this is the maximum amount of VRAM usage, not the average. It uses two CPU cores to full 100% and the other two cores hovers around near 33% on my i5 2500. I...
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    [Want to Buy] HDMI - VGA Adapter

    It's on the first floor, shop name is Partha International, but it is bit difficult to find. Have you seen vedant computers? It is on the same street as vedant computers. Going from lenin sarani towards the central avenue , the shop will be on your right. On you way from lenin sarani to central...
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    Cleaning your Graphics Card

    Since you clean once in a month, simply use your blower to remove the dust. You could also use ear buds to reach the remote corners.:-D Alternately you might open the heat sink assembly, clean it as much as you want. However to assemble it back you would need some thermal paste. So don't open...
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    [Want to Buy] HDMI - VGA Adapter

    You can easily get that at chadni for around Rs300. I recently bought one.
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    [Want to Buy] Power Consumption Meter(Kill-a-Watt or similar)

    Really nice price. Looks legit to me. Please post if someone gets it.
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    Will 7950 fit into my case?

    1GB 7950 isn't available. In fact it is technically impossible. Reason: 7950 has a 384 bit memory bus. Which means each memory module is accessed via a 32 bit bus and there are 12 such modules to give a net bus width of 32 x 12 = 384bit. Now in general memory modules have the capacity in...
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    Need a second hand/refurbished 6970/6950 for less than Rs 8K ?

    You don't have to ruin your card...You can always monitor your temps , in case it gets really high (excess of 90C) then shut it off. Lower your clocks and rerun. It's not for benchmarking, only for stability testing. After all I don't need it for performance ,but only for the underlying...
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    HD7750 / HD7770 & CX430V2 Price in KOLKATA

    Did you go to the dealers directly? e.g Akshay enterprise(at Dalhousie) for XFX, Tirupati (Behind Air India building at chadni) for HIS and Rashi for Asus.
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