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Welcome to Digit’s “e” DVD. Instead of limiting ourselves to physical media, we’re attempting to curate the best content from the WWW for you, and give it to you in monthly instalments. By the 15th of every month there will be a new e-DVD made available to buyers / subscribers of the Digit Magazine, so watch our homepage for updates.

While most of the following is content for your PCs, if you’re reading this from a mobile, scroll to the Mobile section to get some interesting downloads, apps and games, all recommended by Team Digit.

As always, remember to send us feedback about this exercise, and suggestions on how we can improve.

Featured Distros

  • FreeBSD : FreeBSD is an operating system for a variety of platforms which focuses on features, speed, and stability. It is derived from BSD, the version of UNIX developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large community.
Linux Distros
  • Linux Mint: Linux Mint is straight up the most recommended and easy to use distros around at the moment. It is based on Ubuntu but ships with a bunch of extras including codecs and drivers, which makes it quicker to start using the distro.
  • Gentoo: Gentoo is used by a bunch of enthusiasts known as Gentoomen. The updates are regular, and the distro is optimised for your particular system, which is great. It is a bit of a toughie to get into though.
  • Slackware: Slackware is a distro for those who want to dive into the deep end of the Linux pool, and is one of the most basic and customisable distros around. The setup is incredibly fun or painful depending on how you look at it. It is easy to mess up your system if you are using Slackware, so proceed with caution.
  • Kali Linux: Kali Linux is the distro for those who want to try out hacking tools, or get into penetration testing in a more serious manner.
  • Ubuntu: Ubuntu is one of the easiest to use and well known distros around. Ideal for use in offices as well.
  • OpenSuse: OpenSuse is a distro geared towards software developers and system admins. It is one of the most used distros around the world, and is continuously updated.
  • Fedora: Fedora is the distro used by the creator of Linux, Linus Trovalds. This is a distro with plenty of support, and regular updates. It is associated with the RedHat distro.
  • ArchLinux: The ArchLinux distro is a simple and minimalist Linux distro. The updates are frequent. The distro is for more expert users.
  • Solus: Solus is a no nonsense distro designed for home computing. You can access most applications out of the box.
  • SteamOS: Based on Debian, SteamOS is a distro specifically made for gaming on Linux systems. It can be used as a general purpose distro as well. Check the hardware requirements though, they are on the higher side.
Time Management
  • Binal : Binal is a customizable binary clock desktop widget.
  • Cattr : Manage your time with ease
  • ChronoFag Timer : This is a productivity timer inspired by a pomodoro technique.
  • Big Free Clock : This useful utility will simply display the current time FULL SCREEN on your desktop.
  • Desktop Timer : Free Desktop Timer is a simple utility that allows you to create multiple timers on your desktop. This is one of those kinds of things that you might not even know you need until you try it.
  • Clock alert : Clock alert is a free clock application that sits in the system tray. It chimes with a pleasing sound every hour to tell you an hour has passed. Are you a gamer? Do you spend lot of time in front of the computer? and Can’t feel time flying? then clock alert is the right solution for you. With “Clock Alert” you can really know how many hours you are spending with your computer.
  • Wnr : Effective time-management, better than pomodoros
  • Pomotroid : A simple, configurable and visually pleasing Pomodoro timer.
  • DestktopDigitalClock : A simple and beautiful digital desktop clock with different themes and customization for all MS-OS inspired by the lock screen!
  • TrackAMinute2 : The program is all about time tracking. To set it up you add your clients, add the projects you’re working on, and then add tasks to each project. In day-to-day use, you select a given task and click the ‘Start’ button to tell the program what you’re working on. It will automatically suspend the previous task and begin timing this one.
  • TaskLogger : Handy little pop-up that allows you to track time spent on project tasks. Can be used to generate timesheets.
  • Saytime : An straightforward application that runs in the background and notifies you what the time
  • Sandman : An application built with late night developers in mind
Crypto software
  • VSFileEncrypt : VSFileEncrypt is an easy to use file encryption program. You can encrypt any file you choose. To access the file again, you would need access to the password that was used while encrypting. VSFileEncrypt is a serious solution, but at the same time is easy to use and does not require any technical background – just select any file and choose “Encrypt” – or simply drag the file to the proper editor box.
  • Cryptex : Lock away sensitive data and thereby make it inaccessible? It doesn’t have to be. With Cryptex you can store the fragments carefree on your computer or on a server. An additional external backup guarantees restoration security.
  • LeoMoon QuickCrypt : LeoMoon QuickCrypt is a file encryption software available on several operating systems that uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256-CBC) to easily and securely encrypt files.
  • Cryptography Studio : Cryptography Studio is a lightweight software application built specifically for helping you protect the files stored in your computer with powerful encryption algorithms.
  • CrococryptMirror : CrococryptMirror (aka “Crococrypt”) is an encryption tool which mirrors complete folders to encrypted folders. The encryption algorithms that are used are AES and Twofish (256 bits, cascading). The keyfile is secured by a password using PKCS #5 (PBKDF2) with a SHA512/Whirlpool based HMAC using 100000 iterations and also AES and Twofish.
  • SafeNotes : SafeNotes is a multi-purpose tool with military grade security, using multiple encryption with 4-8 renowned encryption ciphers (up to 2240-bit) instead of commonly used single cipher (e.g. AES-256).
  • Crypto! : So basically, CRYPTO! is an app that encrypts/decrypts messages(text only) with the key provided by you.
  • Cryptomator : With Cryptomator, the key to your data is in your hands. Cryptomator encrypts your data quickly and easily. Afterwards you upload them protected to your favorite cloud service.
  • Pixeloid : Convert text files into a pixel map.
  • Cryptnos : Cryptnos is a multi-platform, Open Source application for generating strong, pseudo-random passwords using cryptographic hashes.
  • JHide : JHide is simple steganography tool aimed to demonstrate basic steganography techniques.
  • NordLocker : Secure your files in a click and back them up on a private cloud. Your data is always within reach. Always encrypted.
  • FinalCrypt : Ubreakable one time pad file encryption
  • EncryptOnClick : EncryptOnClick is like hiring your own highly experienced data security guard who ensures the files you want to keep safe and out of view from others, stay that way.
  • Boxcryptor : Encryption for OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more.
Courses NASA picture eBooks
  • Earth as Art : In 1960, the United States put its first Earth-observing environmental satellite into orbit around the planet. Over the decades, these satellites have provided invaluable information, and the vantage point of space has provided new perspectives on Earth. This book celebrates Earth’s aesthetic beauty in the patterns, shapes, colors, and textures of the land, oceans, ice, and atmosphere. The book features 75 stunning images of Earth from the Terra, Landsat 5, Landsat 7, EO-1, and Aqua satellites. Sensors on these satellites can measure light outside of the visible range, so the images show more than what is visible to the naked eye. The images are intended for viewing enjoyment rather than scientific interpretation. The beauty of Earth is clear, and the artistry ranges from the surreal to the sublime.
  • iMagnetic space : Free ebook for students.
  • Making the Invisible Visible : In the early 1970s, there was a small group of advocates for an infrared space telescope; however, the field of infrared astronomy was only a few years old, and no one had ever built a space-based observatory of the required complexity. Considering the technical, political, scientific, and economic uncertainties, it was not obvious that a project like SIRTF could—or should—be dared by NASA. How did SIRTF manage to overcome these uncertainties? This monograph makes visible the invisible forces that influenced the design of SIRTF’s innovative technology. The lessons learned by the project team over the course of building SIRTF, now better known as the Spitzer Space Telescope, are about managing innovation over time and in the face of uncertainty.
  • Not Yet Imagined : Not Yet Imagined documents the history of HST from its launch through its first 30 years of operation in space. It focuses on the interactions among the general public, astronomers, engineers, government officials, and members of Congress during that time. The decision-making behind the changes in Hubble’s instrument packages on servicing missions that made HST a model of supranational cooperation amongst scientists is chronicled, along with HST’s contributions to our knowledge about our solar system, our galaxy, and our universe. This book also covers the impact of HST and the images it produces on the public’s appreciation for the universe, and how HST has changed the ways astronomy is done.
  • Origins of 21st-Century Space Travel : Less than one year after the Columbia Space Shuttle accident on 1 February 2003, President George W. Bush announced at NASA Headquarters that the Agency would embark on a new Vision for Space Exploration as it resumed Shuttle flights and worked toward completion of the International Space Station. The President’s ambitious agenda included lunar and Martian exploration with robotic precursors followed by human missions. The conceptual foundations of the President’s plan had their origins in 1999, when NASA Administrator Dan Goldin initiated a Decadal Planning Team to generate viable plans for humans and robots to explore space beyond low-Earth orbit. This book provides a detailed historical account of the ideas, debates, and decisions that opened the way for a new generation of spaceflight at the start of the 21st Century.
House Music
  • Fish House : Deep House from Russia
  • Novembre : Yes, this is medidative house.
  • Starchild : Very ignorable party music.
  • Vogue 4 : „Vogue“ is the latest longplayer by PNFA. The album offers a big variety of different styles of electronic Music, somewhere between Lounge, Triphop and jazzy House. Originally the tracks were produced for fashion shows, but make it easily into your Ipod or club. The wide musical range works in any situation and mood and stands for a remarkable stylish lifestyle. PNFA a.k.a. Wolfram Gruß produces mostly electronic masterpieces for the club since 1994, which gained already international acclaim and were published on labels all around the globe, for example on Ministry of Sound and Sony Music. Despite the eclectic mixture of styles on „Vogue“, the trademarked PNFA sound is still clearly recognizable. A very enjoyable record.
Geeky Soundtracks Platformer Games
  • Kingdom Gun : Kingdom Gun is a Roguelite Shooter with elements from RPGs and action platformers! You are sent by The Kingdom to explore and conquer a recently discovered continent. Your reason for exploring the continent depends on the character you choose! Loot, glory, conquest, vengeance, or just for fun! Every run is different! Permanent death and item randomization! Every run allows for endless progression. Online Multiplayer will be available in the final version!
  • Zero Deaths : A post-apocalyptic action-adventure about Felix’s resurrection from the ashes of the Sub-Bot War of 2019.
  • Starboy Adventures : A run and gun where in a series of challenging stages you kill everything in your path looking for your lost dog that was mysteriously kidnapped by a mysterious pigeon.
  • Yo! Noid : 3D platformer, controller reccomended.
  • Soul Deliver : Soul delivery is a story-focused 2D adventure game. The gameplay is very similar to a 2D platformer, you run, jump, explore, but without violence. To be short, this is a cozy game that doesn’t require you to be especially reactive.
  • Delta-Gal : Explore multiple areas, talk with friendly townspeople, fight not so friendly enemies, get better weapons and defeat the boss.
  • Unsung Warriors : Unsung Warriors is a 2D action-adventure game set in Iron Age inspired Europe. Fight your way past enemies and traps, while exploring the secrets of an ancient crypt.
  • MiniDoom : Imagine if Doom was a platformer
Evergreen Games
  • Warframe : Warframe is the free to play model done right, with regular updates, a monetisation model that is fair to players. This is an incredibly complex game with a lot of things to do, and is a major time sink. Essentially you play as space ninjas who are on various missions through the solar system. This is science fiction like you have never seen it before, in any medium.
  • Path of Exile : This is another game that has been around for years, is free to play, and is constantly updated. The game has one of the most expansive skill trees in any game ever. You have to pick classes and clear dunjons. The hardcore mode has permadeath. This is RPG done right.
  • Shotgun Fun Fun : This is a fast paced platformer where you have to navigate around a map and take down as many zombies as possible, before you inevitably meet your death. Crazy, and addivtive.
  • Trackmania Nations Forever : The free version of the game has a stadium environment with thousands of user made tracks. Insane speeds, lots of room for stunts, and split second reactions are all necessary for you to win. This is one of the most popular racing games ever.
  • Altitude : Altitude is an over the top multiplayer game where you have to take a bunch of planes and eliminate enemies. The rounds are frenetic and short. The best thing is the football mode.
  • TeeWorlds : This is a crazy 2D multiplayer platformer. In the solo mode, you have to kill anything else that moves with an arsenal of weapons, or team up and play the deathmatch mode. Moving around requires constant use of a grappling hook, which is the entire charm of this game.

  • Sword And The Dragon : The Sword and the Dragon (1960) is the Americanized version of the Russian film “Ilya Murometz” (1956) released by Valiant Pictures and presented by Joseph Harris and Sig Shore.


Radio Show
  • Planet Man : This is the fascinating story of Dantro, The Planet Man, troubleshooter for the League of Planets organization, the law enforcement body for peace and justice in the celestial world — whose headquarters and center of operations are situated on the capital of all planets, Planteria Rex. From Mercury to Pluto, where ever danger threatens the universe, you will find Dantro the Planet Man fighting for fair play. The Planet Man was a juvenile science ficton series of the 1950’s transcribed and syndicated by Palladium Radio Productions. The stories are campy and predictable, but silly fun none the less. Good for a laugh or for bedtime stories for younger listeners.


App watch

  • ClipDrop : ClipDrop is an AR app that allows you to copy and paste real-life objects into documents and presentations. The app can pick up any object from your surroundings via the phone’s camera with near-perfect edges.
  • Access Dots : If you’re worried about securing your privacy on your smartphone, Access Dots is a great app for you. It lights a few pixels on the top of your screen as a dot to indicate whenever any third-party app is using your smartphone’s camera, mic, or GPS.
  • Ratio : Ratio is a minimalistic launcher for Android that streamlines the elements of your phone in an organised manner. The app comes equipped with tiles, themes, and other design and privacy elements.
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