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iOS through the ages and key features in iOS 11

Now that iOS 11 will begin rolling out to the general public in about a week's time, here’s a look at the evolution of this mobile operating system and key features you can look forward to in its latest version

Evolution of the iPhone

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launched, here's a quick look at the incredible journey of a device that revolutionised an entire smartphone industry

How your brain’s algorithms can be exploited to secretly influence you

The algorithms that guide our thought processes are often flawed and open to exploitation. To defend against them, you must know these attack vectors

Ecosystem Comparison: Apple vs Google vs Microsoft

Tech behemoths have been trying to create comprehensive ecosystems for ages. Those that fulfill each and every one of a user's varied needs. The dream is to make sure users don't ever feel the need to step out...

Decoding you: Science’s quest to understand consciousness

Can we really ever understand what makes you… you? Will we ever understand consciousness? Some certainly seem to think so…


The Apple Watch story so far

Strong rumours suggest the upcoming version of the Apple Watch will feature LTE network support and will be able to make and receive phone calls independently of the iPhone. Against this backdrop let's have a quick look at the iconic device's...

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