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Zebronics MP3 DJ Uno, Beta & Gamma Players Reviewed

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This time around, we’ll be taking a look at the Zebronics’ latest MP3 Player lineup. If you have a good memory, you may recollect Zebronics recently announced some really [URL="http://www.newcomputer.110mb.com"]affordable mp3 playes [/URL] in India. Although Zebronics is an established Indian brand in PC peripherals, it’s not well known when it comes to MP3 players. The major reason for this is the popularity of other brands. We managed to get our hands on the three major flash-based Zebronics MP3 Players available in the market currently and put them through the test. Sure, these are affordable but are they of any utility or value to you? Join us as we explore the three Zebronics MP3 players - Uno, Beta & Gamma in detail.


It’s interesting to note that all the three Zebronics DAPs featured in this review roundup come in 1GB capacity. And they still manage to target different users - speaks a lot of the balance in design, features and pricing which Zebronics has managed to deliver. More details on each on the respective pages. But to give you some idea:
  • The DJ Uno is for the extreme budget conscious buyers who would’ve otherwise gone in for Chinese or no-name brands. It’s also for those who don’t have direct access to PC 24×7.
  • The Beta on the other hand, is an all-in-one device which does music playback, voice recording, FM and sports some really cool features.
  • Last but not the least, we’ve the MP3 DJ Gamma, which looks a lot like the Creative Zen Stone…infact the [URL="http://www.newcomputer.110mb.com"]Zen Stone Plus [/URL]as it features a display too. A couple of more surpises as you read along.
Without further ado, let’s check out the Zebronics MP3 DJ Uno first to kick start this group review.





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