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Yo Tab users! is the Xele Togra Neto Sovon worth it for Rs14k ???

Check this out, dont you think its a great buy ?


Indiatimes is selling for Rs14,500 and Amazon is selling for Rs14,900

The thing is , should i spend more (for Nexus 7 2k13) or is it better to save money and get this instead?

My main applications will be (in order of priority):

1) Reading class notes, ppt presentations, docs, eBooks, Novels (<--this is what im gonna tell to convince my parents)
2) Games games Games games Games
3) Store lots of videos, DivX ripped movies, 720p HD music videos
I kinda need advice from an actual owner of this tab, since they are so few...


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I like Nexos better. Since Nexos 7 or 10 is last siblings of its kind.
After this it would be just Silvos...

But it's just me.


Anyways, wouldn't the upgrade version cost a lot more? Moreover i have been 0_0'ing this since December 2k13 :D If i keep waiting and waiting my children will end up ordering it for me -_-
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