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Yet another DIY CNC machine in India!


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Hey guys ... so I was working on my CNC past 3 months.

A 3-axis CNC is a machine that can cut sheet wood/metal/plastic/etc.. as per your needs. Design your part using a CAD/CAM software like solidworks and cut it using a CNC! :D

Here is a test video showing my CNC printing some text on a paper using a sketch-pen. More Videos coming soon.

Youtube Video :

More videos coming soon!

Official Link to project page : http://www.ocfreaks.com/diy-cnc-router-mill/

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awesome job...

how much did it cost you in total? and where did you procure the parts from??


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thanks for the link.. will go though when i reach home, and get back to you if i have any questions :)
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