[XP Theme] VistaVG Blue Refresh Theme for Windows XP

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Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Hi guys

After long time, I'm glad to announce my new theme for Windows XP "VistaVG Blue Refresh".


Its an update over my previous theme "VistaVG Blue". There are a few new features, bug fixes, and small color changes in this updated theme.

I hope you'll like this theme. :)

Download Link

Features List & Instructions

This will be the first theme I install after my windows reinstall :D

Keep Rocking !

I always rename your themes with the VG in the begining so that I can identify it as being one of yours hence a proof of quality:)


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Nice. Definitely going to include it next time I create a new installation disk with nLite.


in your face..
All i can say is...

I liked what you have done to the system tray area...LOVELY

But one thing...
Can you see how the folder names are overlapping the folder below and not showing through. Is there any way that I can fix that ?
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