xolo x910,A500s,q800 or lumia 520....?? @ this DASHEHRA.......


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xolo x910 ,or xolo a500s, or xolo q800 or nokia lumia 520

i am planning to buy phone this Dhashehra.. want your advice from above options

plz be as detail as you can..

i am bending towards xolo x910 ... 'coz of intel processor


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I own q800. No issues what so ever and Lovin it too..
depends on what parameters u incline to... For good quality sound in earphones, i wud suggest L520.
For Android experience, q800. No idea of x910 but


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x910 with intel processor..... its a new device...

pretty conpmact 4.3 inch display....

1gb ram....

plz provide ur openion review...?


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@op: you should have mentioned the budget...x910 doesn't have the option of directly installing onto sd card...so if you game a lot...ignore it...camera is below par too...as for xoloq800...it's the best among your options....l520 is totally different...whatsapp support is minimal..no flash...few gaming titles...go for xoloq800...
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Q800 : Using & loving it. :) performance, no lagg, Quad core+1GB ram.
A500S: Sexy look but its dual core, 512mb ram
Lumia 520: Buy if u r windows8 friendly.
x910 : No idea, i think its single core.
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