www.onspeed.com Is it safe & sound?

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Recently I came across ad of onspeed. Is it safe to use? Is it works as per their claim? I am using dial up connection, Suggest me about it.


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a similar thread here

well for ur query
its safe and good to use onspeed

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I dont think that tweak program will help lot.To web-accelerator just get a BROADBAND or ISDN.And dont waste ur money in this way.

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emanym said:
Just save it to .reg file and merge it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]


Plz let me know where i can find that .reg file (in which folder in win xp embedded sp2)

Also what do these tweaks actually do?

Also, if ossible gimme any link 2 sys mech or if digit gad provided it then plz tel me in which month?

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I concur with Indyan; Onspeed is NOT just another internet accelerator, web enhancer or tweaking software- In fact, Onspeed tweaks nothing!

Onspeed is a software AND a service- the Onspeed proxy servers abroad provide data compression and caching, while the client software (which you have to install) will act as the local proxy on your computer which will enable you to recieve data through the Onspeed servers, plus provide local optimizations.

So although Onspeed doesn't physically increase the speed of the internet connection, but by compressing data before it is sent to you, you'll be surfing much faster since you are downloading lesser data. In short, your speed is virtually increased.

Before Onspeed:

Website -> Data -> Internet -> Your PC

After Onspeed:

Website -> Onspeed Servers -> Compressed Data -> Internet -> Your PC

Of course, there IS a limitation: Onspeed wont affect regular downloads much- because most of us download files that are already compressed (like zip, rar or compressed exe setups, or maybe even audio/video, which is again, already compressed), hence there wont be any significant speed increase with these files.

Thus while Onspeed does provide broadband-like speeds while browsing websites on normal dialup, it wont affect your regular downloads much.

If you still have questions, look here:

And the icing on the cake: Onspeed will also work on GPRS connections, AND in case you already have a broadband connection (with a download/data limit), then Onspeed will be actually saving you money (since you'll be downloading lesser data while browsing websites!) :)

As for the original question, whether Onspeed is safe and sound? Well of course there are always privacy issues when proxies and web-services are involved- but, personally, I've been using such services (Propel, Artera, Onspeed) since a long time now and have never myself faced any issue. (besides, in India, who cares about privacy issues anyways ;) )

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Hey dexter nice to get a reply from u!!! :)

BTW i don't replied Indyan (i shud hav mentioned that but SORRY)

instead i made my previous post a bit mor accurate as i'm also knowing abt onspeed as digit gav an article on that sum months ago.

i've seen in sum other thread that ppl answers that why use tweaks better use tweakers. but tweakers seems a bit tough 2 understand for me so' i'm willing to get tweaks instead of tweakers.

BTW i remember there's a thread on winxp tweaks or sticky.

is any1 having a link to that?

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