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WWE Smackdown shown before US show!!!

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The Sexy Beast
ten sports is now showing RAW just 1day after the US show on Wednesday and Smackdown on Thursday before the show airs in US and UK!!!!!!!:grin:

ECW will be shown on Friday.

this is great news for all WWE fans.too bad i don't watch it too much these days.5years ago this would have made me crazy:p


I have Yolks not Brains!
^^OMG!!! Thats great news for WWE fans, which I used to be 2-3 yrs back...
wHAT ABOUT payper views??


In the zone
finally ten sports is doing something right.guess what wwe raw will be on its 800 episode.i am looking forward for this.its also highlighted the undertaker will be making an appearance too.
one more thing these aajtak and ndtv moroans are making an issue on great khali kiss cam.did anyone watch it?
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