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I purchased Dirt3 a few months ago. Its a WIndows Live game (or something like that) I could never save games. I attributed that to my crappy internet connection so I let it be. A week ago I got a 3G connections that's fast so I thought I would give it a try. I uninstalled the game and reloaded it. Create New Profile..Name , nationality, etc etc all filled up. I was raring to go. The game got connected fine. THen I quit the game. Later I started the game again and was asked to make a New profile again...nationality name etc etc and start from the first stage again. I did that. THen when I quit the profile too got deleted. It just isnt saving. I tried to update the game from the game took me half the day to do it and when the download was almost finished an error message popped up and it was back to square one. So now I have downloaded a patch (the latest patch) and I dont know what to do with it. Can anyone help? Why is Windows Live playing games with us? Its a perfectly legal copy purchased with a genuine key and everything. If Batman Arkham City can get saved why not this crappy game? I am getting really bugged with this game and I have a good mind to throw it out of the window...:|


if you decide to throw it away please throw myway :mrgreen:

it seems you have batman arkham city and game saves are fine there..that means you have already a GFWL profile..then why making new profile..use the same profile for Dirt 3 too!!


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Have you checked this out?

Dirt 3: game will not save anywhere but the default user profile location - Steam Users' Forums
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