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windows 8


Computer Addict
Yep, Feb. DP is too under privileged to what final W7 or Beta may offer. I am myself waiting for beta.


i have been using developer preview for some time and this is what my observations are:
1. its designed for touchscreen panels. so if you are using laptop metro ui is of no use, rather its difficult to use
2. another option is to disable the metro ui mode and use desktop mode. no significant changes from win 7 then

so win 8 wont make much difference to laptops and desktops. the strong point for win 8 will be the tablet pc's. it will be a nice experience from the current android tablets.


Computer Addict
It is always designed for keeping the mobile segment and ARM architecture support in mind. They simply extended it to conventional sectors too.

shivam mathur

i'm a Marco replacing you
i have a desktop pc with config
intel core i3
intel mb
2 Gb ram
500 gb hdd
can i use windows 8 on my desktop?

yeah man
go for it !!!!
i've got Intel dual core E2180 2Ghz 2 Gb or RAM and ATi Radeon HD 5570
and THE windows 8 developer preview boots in just 7sec

but better wait for the beta, hope its released in the next month..
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