windows 7 random crash and freeze


Adam young
guys today my pc was crashing while playing games and even while browsing.when i restart the computer it will only work for few seconds then again it freezes.crashes with weird sound in games.after playing with some services and all i came to a condition where the pc has stopped crashing and working fine but i have disabled three services,
-AMD external event utility
-AMD fuel service
-google updater

after disabling these 3 services system is working i want to know can any one please tell me which is the normally observed service among these 3 which is normally causes pc crash?
thank you.


Aspiring Novelist
It can happen at times, that some services become an anomaly. What Google app you have installed..?

What suggest you use Driver Sweeper. Remove all ATI remnants and mount the drivers again.


Adam young
k i will try it & revert back.the Google related apps i have installed are Google chrome and picasa.thank you.


Computer Addict
Picasa does that some times. Remove all and install one by one to see which one is causing trouble.
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