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Windows 7 Build 7057 Labeled RC1, Leaked and Available for Download

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With few weeks left for Windows 7 RC to be released, some Neowin users have found Windows 7 build 7057 in the wild. The build string reads - 7057.0.x86fre.winmain.090305-2000 which means that this was compiled on March 5. The 32bit build has leaked to several Torrent sites today.


The EULA reads this for now


Yes, this makes it clear that Microsoft is already cooking its Windows 7 RC builds (not final build though)

The most immediate change users would notice is the new welcome and shutdown screen



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Well, the RC1 is to be released on 10th April right?

Wonder how it got into the torrent network ?:???:

If possible, sum1 can download it(provided its legal) and test it and brief us about it.


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What is the need for a new thread for every single "leaked" release of Windows 7 ? :roll:


Will my build 7000 auto update to 7057 when it is officially released?
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It's come out on torrents,

32-bit is 2.5GB
64-bit is 3.2GB

I'll download NONE. Will rather wait for the actual RC on April.


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I'm gonna wait till RC1 is officially released. Its just one more month, and lotsa apps I use need to be updated for Win7 anyway (Comodo, Nod32, WindowBlinds, DeskScapes...)


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^^ The Microsoft roadmap is very clear & so far they have stuck to it, no reason why they won't continue to. There was supposed to be 1 beta so it was. There will be no more beta, next up RC. Then final release.

All other builds you hear of are "leaked" & not supposed to be for public access.

And at this point, for the thread creators knowledge, this is NOT RC.
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