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Wifi Router with dd-wrt support


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I have been using Asus RT-N13U B1 router for last 4-5 years. It stopped working last and I am looking for new router. dd-wrt supported router database is not much help.
Has anyone using any router with dd-wrt or openwrt firmware?
I need a router with USB support for torrenting. Please suggest a router with in 4-5k budget.


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First go here for a list of routers supporting DD WRT :
Supported Devices - DD-WRT Wik
I know about that list and mentioned it my first post. List is very long and I don't want to pick one randomly. Its not easy to check pros and cons of each and every router too. I used Asus RTN-13U B1 for more than 4 years and it worked like charm with dd-wrt. It stopped working a few days back. Something went wrong with broadband lines and all the routers in my locality went kaput. Its time to upgrade.

I just want to know if anyone using any Router with dd-wrt or openwrt?
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