1. Flake

    Wifi Router with dd-wrt support

    I have been using Asus RT-N13U B1 router for last 4-5 years. It stopped working last and I am looking for new router. dd-wrt supported router database is not much help. Has anyone using any router with dd-wrt or openwrt firmware? I need a router with USB support for torrenting. Please suggest a...
  2. josin

    Are there any DD-WRT or Open WRT Capable ADSL routers Selling in India?

    I am planning to buy a DD-WRT or Open-WRT Capable ADSL router for my home use. I have a bsnl Broadband connection and am currently using D-Link DSL-2750U. I have some serious issues with my router. Few days back i have noticed some serious drop in connection speed. This was noticeable only after...
  3. V

    Need to buy a wireless router for my Hathway broadband

    Hi All, I am getting the broadband from Hathway. They are providing broadband using cable it seems. They are providing me a cable modem also. But it does not have wifi capability. Please suggest me a wireless router compatible with Hathway broadband. 1) I would like to connect my laptop...
  4. A

    DD-WRT and Transmission Configuration for Asus RT-N13U

    Hi Guys, I am trying to load DD-WRT firmware & install transmission on my Asus RT-N13U router. Updating the DD-WRT firmware is quite straight forward. However installing the transmission client on the router is a bit difficult task. I did a bit of googling and found few articles. But they are...
  5. S

    Flashing n13uB1 FW to DD-WRT

    Hi Friends, Purchased a new N13U B1 router. I am thinking to upgrade the stock firmware to DD-WRT. At DD-WRT site's router database it displays the Build : 17027 supported by n13u but the release date is 12-05-2011. Please confirm is this the latest firmware. Thanks
  6. anon232

    Dd-wrt on tp-link wr841n

    I've a TP-LINK WR841N router with a v8(most recent update) firmware. Is it possible to install DD-WRT on it? i checked their supportd device list but it supports only upto v7
  7. G

    Asus RT N13U or TPLink-TL-MR3420

    TP-Link is Rs. 300 to 400 cheaper than Asus Both Comes with 3years Warranty and 300Mbps Both has DD-WRT Support Please suggest which one to Buy ?
  8. sharang.d

    Need a new Router(Non Adsl) under 2k

    1) Should have 4 or more LAN ports 2) WIFI (Band and frequency does not matter) 3) DD-wrt supported will be an added advantage but not really necessary. It's for a friend.
  9. T

    ASUS RT-N13U B1 to DD-WRT ???

    Pals, got a new router, ASUS RT-N13U B1, updates 2 official firmware, its been a day and things r working perfectly,,till now..... my 40gb hdd working perfectly thou havent checked torrent download which i want 2 use regularly. needed 2 know, wot r the benefits that ill gain...
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