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:?:Hi guys i got sick of this internet Problem that i have beeen facing its happen twice with me
I am not able to open any sites on my any browser like Firefox, Opera ,IE7(alll r latest versions) except yahooomail (only main page).... olny my browsers show me loading

I am using these browsers normallyyy but after sometimes i cant able to open any sites on my any browsers and when i formattt my computer its again works welll for a month i.e all sites r open normally but then again this happens
I dont know what is this happening bcoz i am facing this problem from half month

Also i got notice that this problem is begin mainly after when a checkdisk window at start of window is popup for a C drive
I am using Avast antivirus which is updated regularly, Firewalll, Spyware and Registry mechanics to fully protect my computer from any virus or spyware attk

But i cant able to figure out this problem that why after sometimes my browsers cant able to open any site
Is this a window problem or any virus or torgen or spyware attk
welll i also chage my windows XP copy so that this problem not again happen but stillll its
comes after few days plzzzzz help me
how to remove this problem.........
tell me what to do bcoz i cant always formatt my Com to get overcome frm this problem

PLZ give me solution

Helpppppppppp me PLZ.......:???:


Set the DNS
open dns use and
google dns and
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Try using OpenDNS and see what happens. Though it seems like virus as you said it's working perfectly after formatting and behaving wired after some months. Try to run an online scan.


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yaa, the same problem happen twice in my system too. I post that problem in many sites (also here). And I got too many replies including the DNS address change. But nothing works. I think reinstalling the XP is the only one solution. I have done online scan using some sites and also scan with different anti virus, spyware / malware softwares, but nothing found. Also post my "hijackthis" report in some sites and they said nothing wrong in that. I am reinstalled my system and currently it works fine. Try different antivirus softwares.

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Which Windows version ur using? use windows XP sp3 (if ur using XP)

It's not becoz of any virus or spyware / malware attack.

I think prob. is becoz of antivirus. use diff one. probably lighter one.

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And don't install too many softwares or don't try tweak windows registry.

Just keep light :)


Right Avast can cause such problems switch to AVG. Also see if the website loads when
firewall is turned off.


This is a DNS changer trojan, I'm sure...
had the same problem few months back...
My DNS kept on changing, pointing to some chinese/taiwanese site
I used AVG free and malwarebytes malware scanners, try these, never had this problem again...
OPEN DNS is a excellent alternative , use this, also check if ur DNS keeps on changing each time u restart the PC, regdless of the scanners etc... u have
Try this and post ur results... should work...
will give u some links later...

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If you are using anything like tune up utilities to change windows settings, that might be causing the problem. Don't use too many anti virus or anti malware programs. If you have installed a firewall, check its settings or try disabling it. for anti virus, use Avira & keep it updated. check the proxy settings of the browser, it should be set to do not use proxy or set to nothing. empty the browser cache & delete all cookies. you can use CCleaner for this purpose. do not fiddle with the registry or services unless you know exactly what you are doing. Lastly, if nothing solves your problem, try restoring windows to an earlier date before reinstalling.
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