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Please invest a little more and get a Linksys router. Model will depend on how big your home is and how much coverage do you want to get. D-Link, Belkin are good for a single/double room only. Once out of this perimeter you will cry for decent reception of signals..


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Asus RTN16

I would say go for Asus RTN16.


I am planning to get one. You can install DD-WRT or Tomato on this one, has 32MB ROM, 128 MB RAM and a 500 Mhz Processor. You can even make it a standalone torrent download client without even turning your machine *on*, or install lots of other applications. You can also add a HDD and make it an NAS. It got three antennas too!

Nothing in my knowledge beats it. Superb product!
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Then Asus RTN16 is not an option. If you've both ADSL and WiFi you can avoid your modem and connect directly to the modem router. The one I mentioned above doesn't have a built-in modem, so if I am using that, I'd have to plug it into my BSNL dabba modem first! If you get one with built-in modem you can avoid that.

I think it is called bridging or something. Guys, correct me if I am wrong :)

my budget is around 1-2K

PLS also tell wats the benefit of getting both ADSL & wifi both...
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