1. makwanamilan96

    [ADVICE] Shipping Mobile From Malaysia to India

    My Friend from malasia want to send Samsung galaxy S-II to me. The Mobile is OLD. I am willing to pay courier or Shipping Charges. I can't find any affordable way. I know there are the option like Fedex,DHL etc but they charge very high.:-( I am also not aware about any custom...
  2. Ironman

    Sorry to Post this again !

    Kolkata - Broadband - Again! Being a Heavy Downloader in Kolkata is VVVV Tough in a BSNL I have been considering to take another connection But today i read about the MTNL Thing http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/broadband-dth/183089-mtnl-1650-plan-best-3g-plan-ever.html in the other...
  3. 50103

    Official Galaxy S4(I9500)::Indian thread::

    Hi Welcome Sammy S4 users :razz: Let's make this place our home. 8-)
  4. P

    Mobile you have

    Hi friends.. What mobile you have share its detail here...:razz:
  5. sayan8

    Should i get BB 9220 ????

    My birthday is comming.I'm planning of getting a new phone.. I have a Galaxy Y which is abt 1.2 yrs old and i am sick of it , flashing custom rom etc..... I have a budget of strictly 10.5k.... Rcently isaw my sisters BB 9360 and i fell in love with it:razz:.. So im thinking of getting a bb only...
  6. S


    Hello, :razz: I have an Airtel broadband connection with an beetel modem installed already And, I am contemplating buying the Netgear N300 (JWNR2000) WIRELESS ROUTER or the Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router. Can any one please tell me which of these are compatible with Windows 8...
  7. perplexed

    Best looking phone in sub 30k segment.

    Folks, vote away.... and don't forget to mention the reason why ? :razz:
  8. anikahead2010

    Need AC

    Ok help me beat the heat with a nice AC. Budget:40k(can be altered a bit) My previous ones were from voltas. More the stars the better i guess. Thank you. :razz:
  9. RON28

    Apple’s new Macbook Pros to have new Design and Retina Display 2880 x 1800px Read more: Apple’s new

    This is why i liked apple's product, they always think ahead of time :razz: look at there new MACBOOK, a resolution of 2880x1800 or 220 ppi with retina display :shock: Anyways we all know at what price it will be available but still, Apple went ahead of 1920x1080 resolution. so now i think...
  10. amjath

    Wrestlemania 28 who's in :)

    Hello People, Wrestlemania fever is nearing who is ready to see it live. I usually download every PPV and see it, but this time I have planned to take leave and see it live streaming it online. Any joiners :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Tell me who is ur favorite etc. :razz:
  11. Gtb93

    Colleges for BCA

    Any suggestions guys? :) Mumbai/Bangalore/Pune anything :razz:
  12. ico

    Happy Birhtday to Rockstar11 , shantanu (25) , Who (21) , somi96 (15) , sunny10 (15)

  13. ico

    happy b'day gameranand :p

  14. Faun

    Flickr thread

    Share your flickr profile :razz: Here is mine: psygeist http://www.flickr.com/photos/psygeist/
  15. M

    corsair 430W SMPS

    I am planning to buy this smps IS it good ??? :razz:
  16. Jaskanwar Singh

    IIT-JEE problems

    guys shouldnt there be a thread where we can discuss several questions sometimes with each other? we can try to solve each others problems. :razz: when replying to questions put answers in spolier tags. so that others dont want to see it.
  17. Nemes!s

    cheap cordless headphone

    Hi Guys I'm looking for cheap wireless headphones. please advice budget Rs500 - Rs800 :razz:
  18. K

    Overclocking GTS 450

    Hi, i have a Zotac GTS 450 . I was thinking about overclocking it . Is it advisable to do it? If so , how do i go about it ?? Any help would be nice . Thanks :razz:
  19. ico

    Happy Birthday to KaranTh85, Sam.Shab and A.Jesin!!

  20. Admirer Of Digit

    Wi-Fi Router

    Please advice me to buy a good wi-fi router for home purpose.... :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:
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