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Why ChevronWP7 was shut down?


Broken In
ChevronWP7 was shut down within a week of its release by insistence of Microsoft, as per Microsoft this tool can void the warranty and make the phone highly unstable - really?

ChevronWP7′s developers claimed two broad objectives for the software. One, it enabled homebrew development. That is, it enabled people to write applications without having to pay $99 to Microsoft for a Windows Phone 7 Marketplace account, without distribution via Marketplace, and without having to submit their software to Microsoft for validation. Two, it enabled development for everyone, including residents of those countries that are not currently eligible for Marketplace accounts.

Official Windows Phone 7 developers—those who pay the $99—can unlock their handsets to allow deployment of custom software without going through Marketplace. This is a necessary part of the development process, since absent this ability they would have no way to test their software on real hardware. ChevronWP7 enabled the same thing for free—deployment of custom software without going through Marketplace—but without the $99 payment.

The ChevronWP7 developers insisted that they were not in favor of piracy—homebrew development was their focus—and that their tool did not enable piracy. In particular, their tool does nothing to work around the DRM imposed on applications downloaded from the Marketplace.

Their are lot’s more reasons enlisted by arstechnica

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