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  1. Desmond

    Mozilla Firefox discussion megathread

    This thread is dedicated to discussions, announcements and troubleshooting of the greatest Open Source browser in the market - Mozilla Firefox Links: Download - Download Firefox — Free Web Browser — Mozilla Marketplace - Firefox Marketplace Addons - Add-ons for Firefox Firefox for Android...
  2. theserpent

    Flipkart Marketplace: Good or bad?

    Flipkart Marketplace brings third-party sellers onboard, competes with eBay - Internet | ThinkDigit News If they is introduced in electronics etc who knows flipkart might become cheaper?
  3. A

    Amazon In INDIA

    Amazon may enter India via Marketplace - The Times of India
  4. S

    cant access marketplace on wp7..says not available in india

    so i got a htc mozart from my office and it has windows 7 installed(not mango) anyways ive created a windows live id but whenever i try to access the market place it gives me an error saying that marketplace isnt available in your region/country..is it a problem with my phone or is the market...
  5. ritesh.techie

    Why ChevronWP7 was shut down?

    ChevronWP7 was shut down within a week of its release by insistence of Microsoft, as per Microsoft this tool can void the warranty and make the phone highly unstable - really? ChevronWP7′s developers claimed two broad objectives for the software. One, it enabled homebrew development. That is...
  6. CadCrazy

    New 'Terminator' Movie, Game Slated for 2009

    "The Terminator" will be back on video game consoles. The Halcyon Co., which owns the rights to the "Terminator" franchise, is forming its own gaming subsidiary and making a game adaptation of the company's upcoming film "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins" its first release. The game...
  7. Dark Star

    PLAYSTATION3: Launch Date and Official Details Announced

    Date Has Been Set: Sony just finished up the company's E3 official announcement of Playstation 3.Sony has announced tat the PS3 will come in two different configurations, similar to the XBOX 360 approach and will be sporting a redesigned wireless Dual Shock pad with motion sensing...
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