Who will u support...????

Who should be supported...!!!

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As I m from Gujarat, I will vote BJP.
By Narmada Project v r getting 1450 Mw electric power. (gujarat is getting only 16% of that). Even Ahmedabad is getting water of Narmada . Hundreads of Farmers of Saurashtra & Rajsthan will get water from that. Then why shoud I support Amir?
Gujarat Govt. Has Spent Lots of Rs. on submerged area of M.P.


The Devil's Advocate
@ anvesh ..... all that amir and people supporting him are saying that the people who are displaced by this project should be re-habilitated ..... put urself in 1 of the affected ppl's shoes .... God forbid the govt takes ur house and builds a damn and doesnt give u an appropriate replacement what wud u do .....
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