1. karnivore

    Amir Khan - Hypocrite or Idiot ??

    I hope, this has not yet been debated here. Few days back Amir Khan made a nice little entry in his blog, which was actually a justification for his decision to run with the Olympic Torch. He wrote, that he will be running "with a prayer in my heart for the people of Tibet, and indeed for all...
  2. paragkalra

    @MIR Khan's Official Blog

    Hello Folks, Sorry, if it's repost........... I just came across Amir Khan's official Blog: It's a good place to interact with Amir Khan considering the fact he avoids media and gives interviews once in blue moon. He posts his articles here on regular...
  3. Batistabomb

    King Khan vs Hrithik vs Amir Khan

    guys come let us discuss different aspects about who are great among these,remember verify all of the factors my voting is : Sharukh : 55% Hritik Roshan : 25% Amir Khna : 20%
  4. khansdream

    Who will u support...????

    Hey guys...!!!! Who will u support. Amir who just shared the problems of others, or the BJP which is protesting Amir and not letting the Fanah release in Gujrat.
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