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  1. socrates

    Samsung Trying to kill Wave owners by letting everyone upgrade to WAVE 2.0

    See. Samsung Trying to kill Wave owners by letting everyone upgrade to Wave 2.0 | iGyaan.in :shock:
  2. S

    Nokia 6670 help! (virus???)

    A friend got me an old Nokia 6670 of which software has gone kaput. And I'm in mood of repairing this myself as far as i can. The phone automatically keeps restarting as soon as I turn it on without letting me do anything. And it also shows "1 new message' message. Any links to a reliable...
  3. gary4gar

    I am leaving, Goodbye!

    Goodbye everyone, I'm going to leave this community because of you. Right now. I feel that alot of you miss the point of this community. I THOUGHT THIS COMMUNITY WAS FULL OF LOVE BUT I SEE THEY ARE FULL OF HATERS AND PEOPLE WHO JUST COMMENT, JUST TO INSULT A FELLOW MEMBER. I've enjoyed my time...
  4. shady_inc

    how to block streaming from net??wanna get even with brother...

    i want to block streaming of videos from sites like youtube in my PC.how can i do it.i don't want to block just youtube but all kind of streaming without letting my brother know that his favorite pastime has been blocked.how do i do it
  5. khansdream

    Who will u support...????

    Hey guys...!!!! Who will u support. Amir who just shared the problems of others, or the BJP which is protesting Amir and not letting the Fanah release in Gujrat.
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