Which upcoming game are you excited to play?


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Bright Memory Infinite


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I am really pumped up for elden ring ,and I am surprised that no one else mentioned it already.
Ps. But I am really excited to play hl:alyx though , hope that the anticipated cheap vr. headset lauches sooner.


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No one mentioned PS5 event games:
Spider-Man: Miles Morales
GhostWire : Tokyo
Watchdogs :Legion
Scarlet Nexus


The biggest setback for cyberpunk 2077 will be its first person view. Definitely first person view gives motion sickness after playing half an hour. They should have chosen third person view like witcher or gta 5
I am really excited to play F1 2020 which gets release tomorrow. :grin::grin:
Good for you. I did try F1 2019, surely an interesting game, completed its first season in campaign. Might buy another F1 game after a few years. It goes on sale within a few months, I remember buying F1 2019 for 700-800 after 2-3 months of launch.
That's a really good deal, I like playing sports games, wanted to buy a tennis and a basketball game as well. I have the NBA game in my wishlist, but I haven't really seen any good tennis games.
I play tennis with my friend inside GTA Online, he he he :p


Since there werent any general gaming thread i had to post this here..

Are there no Valorant players in this forum? Surprised to see no thread about it in TDF.


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I did preorder HZD & completed it. Luckily not much game crashes for me, enjoyed it. Will surely play it again after a year maybe. Apparently I will play Witcher 3 for the 3rd time when it gets the upgrade next year.
How stable is it? I have been thinking of buying it but I hardly have time these days.
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