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which tv should i go for??? confused



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well ok i have never reviewed anything before, so here it goes,

go Sony KDL-50W900B, and man its big love the size
got it from a local dealer for 98 did not take the complimentary blu-ray player for which 5k was deducted though i got 2 year extra warrenty (total 3 years) for 6k extra not directly from sony, but from bajaj as a insurance, all the service will be done by sony itself but i need to contact bajaj in case of any problem.

Hardware wise its amazing great quality and awesome sound, as you may have read above i had viewed all other tv's from lg and sony, by far this had the best picture quality and sound. i almost bought the lg 47lb6700 but then we went for a last look to 42W900b and there we saw this one and we were like if we are buying something so costly lets get the best we can. got two remotes one normal another oneflick remote and two 3d glasses. one flick remote setup was quick and is good while using the smart features like apps

So first day i got it was set up on the stand, nice sleek stand gives you a feel that TV is almost hanging in the air, later i shifted it wall mount as i was scared in my room someone would knock it off from the stand. it got a updated to latest firmware, and today i got second firmware update, dont find any changes though.

3d is amazing saw hobbit five armies on this and it was mindblowing played games like farcry 4 and other games, though farcry 4 has almost no support for 3d converting 2d to 3d did not give very good effects, and moreover my laptop (y510p) has no direct output from gpu so cant use nvidia 3dtv play (screw optimus or intel or lenovo who is responsible for ruining such a good feature) which my laptop can easily support so my options are now simulated and software based, i tried tridef 3d , its good software but less support for new games like farcry 4. I played games for which tridef has profiles and yes it gives great effects.

i run a airtel hd+ connection with it.

so here it is
lt me know if i missed anything, my first review lolz :)


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Here is what you should do as a basic review
1. Unboxing
2. Ease of usage
3. Number of Ports
4. Viewing angles
5. other real life experience.
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